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Project Overview
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Local Leaders
2. Description of Our Community
     Tainan, Lukang, Mengjia were once the three largest cities in Taiwan. Lukang, at its prime time, was the second largest town on the island. Three hundred years on, Lukang has maintained its allure with the old lanes and streets, the sophisticated and traditional architectures, the rich culture and folk art, and the delicious pastry and local delicacy. Still a historical town of cultural heritage, Lukang was once an important harbor. The sails passing through Lukang were a thing of past, but the ancient buildings, art and culture have become an important asset of tourism. The quaint streets of Lukang, constructed with red bricks and gray tiles, were first developed at the end of the Qing Dynasty. These relics of the rich culture and history have been restored with government subsidies and become a major tourist attraction. The steady traffic of visitors has added a sense of fun and a touch of vitality to Lukang.
3. Summary of Our Project
     Illusion has become one of the most popular performance arts. Jerry Huang enchants the audience with his unique art of magic by integrating visual elements such as crystal balls and magic rings. We are invited to his world of fantasy and majesty for the feast of visual splendour and grandeur. As a young man from Lukang and a role modern for students, Jerry Huang thinks positive and pursues his dream with persistence. He has become a performance artist because he wants to bring joy to children and the grey-haired. We felt privileged to be able to interview him for our Cyberfair project. We hope to articulate his personal journey so that his passion, aspiration and perseverance can inspire our society.
4. Our Computer and Internet Access
     Our school has three computer classrooms, with 136 computers in total and a fibre optical broadband access at a speed of up to 1GB per second. We usually worked during lunch breaks, class meetings, common classes and study hours. When back home, we connected to the Internet with ADSL in order to carry on with our Cyberfair project by communicating over e-mails, Facebook and Line.
5. Problems We Had To Overcome
  • As none of the team members had any experience with Cyberfair projects, our teacher started by walking us through all the past winning works before giving us guidance regarding how to draw the mind map, divide into work streams, brainstorm on titles and headings. This was followed by the scheduling of tasks in order to enhance work efficiency of the team.
  • In order to cope with school work pressure and additional studies after school during the week, we have decided to work over the weekends for the Cyberfair project. If we used the lunch break to carry on with the project in the computer rooms, we often felt tired in the afternoon. In a nutshell, it was a challenge to juggle between school work and the Cyberfair project.
  • None of us had experience of interviewing people. So our teachers told us to prepare in advance by rehearsals and allocating tasks (e.g. Q&A, interview minutes, recorder pens and photo-taking), so that we would not be too nervous for the formal interviews.
  • Webpage production was the most daunting challenge throughout the Cyberfair project. We would like to thank IT Director Kuo-chang Lu for his assistance and guidance. He came to the computer rooms during lunch breaks and after school hours to teach us how to use image processing and webpage production software. This equipped us with the basic skills in webpage design.
  • 6. Our Project Sound Bite
         We were happy to be part of the Cyberfair project as we have learned and benefited a lot from it. We have come to realize the importance of team work and collaboration, because we could not have done this as individuals working separately. It takes the collective efforts to overcome one hurdle after another. It was necessary for the team members of the Cyberfair project to coordinate task contents and arrange the work schedule. In fact, we always came up with different ideas and opinions. We have learned how to express thoughts and meet half way with the majority via constant meetings and discussions. Whilst we were simply exhausted during the hectic days of webpage production, we gained a great sense of achievement when our website gradually came into being. We want to say big thanks to all the teachers and parents who have helped us through the four months of the Cyberfair project. All of us would like to say it out loud, “We have made it! ”
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