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Teacher Ling-jen Yen
     Performance artists look glamourous and inapproachable. However, the stereotype we had in mind totally evaporated after our two interviews with Jerry. He is lively, chatty and friendly. He answered all the questions from the students and sometimes even joked about himself. His humorous comments only made us laugh. I think that is why he is so popular. He is an ordinary boy, from a middle-class family. He did not have stellar grades in school. However, his persistence and perseverance stood him out. Whilst others were having fun, he spent hours improving his skills and creating his style. The thick calluses and arm muscle strains are the price he pays. He has never complained and never thought about quitting. He knows what he wants and his goals are very specific. The pursuit of performance art is his lifelong commitment. Aren't the young people today lacking in the perseverance and persistence that he has? The students in Taiwan are often stuck in their comfort zone and clueless about their plans for the future. If even they do have a vision for their future, they often do not take actions. Jerry Huang inspired us to explore what interests us. We can only develop passions for what we are interested in, and only with passions can we confront challenges and cope with frustrations.
Chiu-ming Wang
     I am Chiu-ming Wang. I am an outgoing person and I like to hang out with classmates. I enjoy video games the most. I am a member of the Cyberfair project. I was very excited and nervous about this opportunity. I have never participated in the project that involves a dozen people for webpage designs and production. I was looking forward to meeting with Jerry a few hours before the interview. I always have a specific feeling toward TV personalities if they are right in front of me. This is why I kept staring at him since he stepped into our briefing room. He struck me as an optimistic person. His parents were not supporting his pursuit as a performance artistic, but he didn't give up. Rather, he worked even harder to win their recognition. This was what impressed me the most. I learned from him that I should just be myself, regardless how others judge me. We should just do our best. Whilst efforts do not guarantee success, a lack of attempts will surely end up with failures. I really admire Jerry's determination to continue forward in the face of challenges. If I were in his place, I would probably just shun away. The experience with the Cyberfair project made me realize that we aspire for brightness when we are in the dark. Don't be afraid of difficulties and just keep going. The victory will be yours
Si-yong Wang
     My name is Si-yong Wang. I like to be alone. I read comic books, listen to music or paint in my spare time. In my world, comics and animations are the most important thing, only second to my family. I joined the Cyberfair project out of curiosity. I did not take it too seriously in the beginning. However, the number of tasks required made me realize that this was not an easy job. I encountered many problems, big or small, in the process of delivering. In order not to affect the team's progress, I had to put aside the comics and animations and stay up late to work on the Cyberfair project. When I felt frustrated, I would be attempted to simply give up. At this juncture, what Jerry said to us would spring to my mind. “Efforts may not always result in success, but a lack of attempts will surely not lead to anything.” I enjoyed the team spirit very much as each member of the Cyberfair project worked toward a common goal. My sense of achievement also built up. I learned more than just about webpage production. In fact, the Cyberfair project taught me that I should never give up at difficult times. As the saying goes, “no pain, no gain”. There are no fruits of labor if we have not gone through any hardship. Finally I would like to thank those who gave us guidance throughout the project. Thanks to Jerry who accepted our interviews and to the team and family members for their great support.
Tsai-jung Wu
     I am Tsai-jung Wu. I am a happy-go-lucky person and I always have a smile on my face. This was my first time working on a Cyberfair project. I had a great fun when it started and I did not expect it to be difficult. However, things got increasingly demanding. I thought writing for webpages was like writing for assignments, but this is not the case. We had to finish one article after another and each article was longer than the previous one. The deadline was also getting tighter and tighter. The encouragement from the classmates and the instructions from him allowed me to carry on. My experienced with the Cyberfair project made me realize that each team member should do his or her best so that the team can continue. All the project components are interconnected. One miss or failure may lead to the dysfunction of the whole team. I know that I am a small part of the project, but I am also pivotal to many important elements. If the previous task is not handled properly, the subsequent job will be affected. If the interviewer fails to jot down the key messages or becomes slopping in notetaking, it will delay my work progress. I would like to express my gratitude for our supervisor. Without her, the team might not have been put in place. Without her, we may not have made so many accomplishments. Without her, we could have ended up being individuals, rather than a team. Without her, we may not have made it this far. Without her, we may not have found our goals. Thanks to the efforts and great work by all the team members, and I hope I can undertake another Cyberfair project in the future. Whilst it is demanding in terms of time and efforts, it provides a great learning experience and opportunity for the unlimited potential of team work.
Chun-chieh Wu
     My name is Chun-chieh Wu. I have learned so much from the Cyberfair project. I believe the efforts and the process are more important than the outcome. I was responsible for information searches as part of the team. I was asked to listen to the recordings and transcribe the contents. We discussed the layout, the write-up and even the punctuations. Of course, we also argued about details, experienced difficulties in communication and even tried to evade responsibilities. Because of this, I learned to work around things and be patient with others. Sometimes, compromise will make a conflict much easier to resolve. We should listen to others and take their comments on board. I felt very happy that I could learn such a valuable in life whilst I am still a junior high school student. I also realized that everybody has his or her specialization by preparing for the Cyberfair project. Finally, I want to express my gratefulness for those involved in this competition. Our teachers gave us a helping hand so that we could stay on track. We as students were just doing our parts, but our teachers had to spend extra hours to help us to conclude the project. Our accomplishment is the result of our teamwork and the teachers' support.
Yu-han Lin
     My name is Yu-han Lin. I am an easy-going person but I am also a perfectionist, a typical Pisces girl. I like reading novels and watching TV drama. I always dream that I will be very rich one day. Before we decided to participate in the competition by forming up a team, I was clueless about Cyberfair projects. I had many question marks in my mind. However, I am always curious and eager to take on challenges. This was why I signed up for the project to create webpages about Jerry Huang. In the beginning, none of us knew much about webpage production. We overcame a lot of difficulties. I found it a daunting task trying to condense the conversations into key points and then write-up the findings. I had to go to the computer classroom every lunch break and carried on when I was home. We felt we were burning the candle at both ends because we also had to take care of schoolwork. Fortunately, Teacher Ling-jen Yen and Teacher Kuo-chang Lu helped us a lot with the editing and webpage production. This experience also taught us how to get along with team mates and how to manage my own time properly. Jerry Huang's story proves that if there is a will, there is a way. If we try and try again, we can find our path.
Chien-yu Shih
     My name is Chien-yu Shih. I am a lively and outgoing person. I enjoy music and painting in my spare time and as a vehicle to release stress. I didn't know what Cyberfair projects in the beginning. I only learned what these undertakings are about from his explanations and my review of previous works. We experienced many challenges and hurdles in the process. For example, we did not know anything about webpage production. We had to deal with tight deadlines. I was under a lot of pressure because I sometimes had to go to cram schools and finish a lot of school work. I learned so much from the Cyberfair project. We went through the trouble of listening to audio recordings and transcribe the interview contents. We had to make necessary modifications so that our write-up is readable. All these challenges helped us to address details and stay focused. This experience also highlighted the importance of team work because the power of any individual will not be sufficient. I would like to say thanks to our teachers, who made extra time to assist us and helped us contact Jerry Huang. They kept encouraging us when we became impatient and assisted us in correcting mistakes on webpages. This has been a great learning experience. I really enjoyed it as it was a very meaningful project.
Wei-hsuan Liang
     My name is Wei-hsuan Liang. I am very outgoing and I like to make friends. I enjoy costume drama and Jin Yong's martial art novels in my spare time. This is why I am particularly knowledgeable about history. I was happy to be part of the Cyberfair project. When I was selected by the teacher, I thought it would be an easy job. However, it turned out to be quite different from my expectation and in fact, a lot harder. We started with information collection and interviewed with Jerry. This was followed with the write-ups. We spent considerable time making changes so that our sentences became more readable. We also learned a lot from this experience. We got to understand Jerry Hung by interviewing him. We recorded our dialogue with him and transcribed the contents by listening to the replays. This was more difficult than I thought. I originally expected it to be more of a typing task, but it was more than that. We had to listen to the recording carefully and extract the key messages. It took a lot of time and efforts. However, there is no gain without pain. Whilst we experienced a lot of frustrations and challenges, we overcame one hurdle after another under the guidance from our teachers. Each team member was equally important and we all did our best for this project. Jerry remains committed to his passion, no matter what lies ahead. I have learned a lot from the Cyberfair project.
Yun-hsuan Hsu
     My name is Yun-hsuan Hsu. I am a shy and timid person, not very sociable. I enjoy reading and my school grades are great. Diligent and responsible, I am a good student in the eyes of other people. My hobbies are reading and piano. Reading takes me to other parts of the world and broadens my horizons. I am a happy book worm. I also love to let my fingers swift between ivory and ebony piano keys and allow beautiful music notes to flow through my hands and echo into my mind. I am fascinated by music and I believe that music can enrich my life and mellow my personality. I learned a lot from the Cyberfair project. Topic discussions and interview question designs were big challenges. I realized the importance of team work. It was not sufficient to rely on any individual for this undertaking. We must learn to work as a team and complete the tasks together. Our teachers helped us to liaise with Jerry so that we could finish this project. I found learning from him how to play with crystal balls and magic rings an unforgettable experience. I was so amazed with his sleight of hand and so embarrassed when I kept dropping the crystal balls due to clumsiness. Then I realized how many efforts he has made. The Cyberfair project was a great experience. I know now that interviewing others is no easy matter at all. From question designs to interview process, attention was required throughout. I was fun and I benefited a lot.
Yi-mao Chen
     My name is Yi-mao Chen. I am lively and outgoing but sometimes make big mistakes due to a lack of attention to details. When our teachers suggested that our class should set up a Cyberfair project, I was not expected to be selected due to my usual slackness. However, things always take an unexpected turn. I was picked from the class of 33 students. This was a great surprise to me. I learned a lot from the Cyberfair project. For example, it is important to have a good attitude when working as a team member. We should stay humble when cooperating with other people. I also learned how to interview others. However, there is no gain without pain. I had to overcome many difficulties. For instance, I made a mess of the tables and figures when I was working on webpages. This caused a lot of headaches to our computer tutors and class teachers. I felt rather guilty now I think about it. Also, when Jerry demonstrated to us, the crystal ball jumped up and down over all him, as if it had a life of its own. However, there was no way I could do this. This made me realize the hard work he has put into his career as an artist. Jerry takes his performance seriously, as if ants are toiling away to prepare for the winter. I feel like a grasshopper that fools around all the time, not knowing it is time to get ready for cold and harsh weather. I should really make amends. Jerry has a lot of strengths that most people do not see. I will try my best to tell the story of his life, his endeavors and commitment in our Cyberfair project.
Chun-tse Huang
     My name is Chun-tse Huang. I am easy to get along with and I enjoy chatting with classmates. However, I become shy in front of strangers. So I was a bit scared when I first met Jerry. After I have spoken with him, I realized that he is friendly and easy to talk with. He is like a big boy. When I first started with the Cyberfair project, I thought we could simply dumb everything on the website with a bit of finishing up. I expected it to be a piece of cake and we could counter the days before we receive the award. I could not have been more wrong!!! The project was a serious undertaking. We had to list our questions, transcribe the key messages and write about our findings. All these things took a lot of time and efforts. Sometimes I even stayed up all night just to finesse the writings. None of these challenges stopped me because I know that when there is a will, there is a way. It was a lesson I learned from speaking with Jerry. This was why he is such a brilliant performer now. I always tell myself that I cannot give up just because I am frustrated. Jerry is a humorous person. During the interview, he tried to warm things up by making us laugh. I really admire his ability to lighten up the serious atmosphere when appropriate. Such is the charisma of an artist. I feel really grateful that our class teacher assisted in the interview and helped us with various arrangements. We as students did work harder but our teachers put in even more efforts. Without them, we would not have been able to participate in the Cyberfair project.

The photos are made by the team members.

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