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The Second Interview

     As the say goes, “Three minutes of glory on stage, ten years of hard work off the stage.” Jerry Huang's outstanding performance is the result of years of practice. Efforts may not always lead to success but laziness will never bring accomplishments. Diligence attracts opportunities. Jerry is willing to spend more hours than others and practice has become a good habit in his life. He is often hurt on the thorny road to his dreams. However, there is no gain without pain. We were happy that he could teach us how to operate crystal balls and magic rings during our second interview for the Cyberfair project. After his patient instructions and the whole morning of practice for us, the crystal balls could stay on our hands and keep rolling briefly. The magic rings could also roll up and down slightly. It was a fun and amazing process. We witnessed the magic of illusion one more time!

Jerry Huang gave instructions on how to play with
crystal balls and magic rings

Made by Galleria.

The photos are made by the team members.

The video of students' practicing
 and learning




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