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The First Interview
     Jerry often says that I enjoy what I do and I will to make it through difficulties. These are true words of wisdom. I wish I could have half of his perseverance. -- Yi-mao

     It is the first time for me to interview people. I was so nervous. It was more nerve-racking than sitting for exams. This is the first time I met with a TV celebrity. -- Chiu-ming

     After I have spoken with Jerry, I realized that he is a friendly person. My worries turned out to be unnecessary. -- Chun-tse

     People are not to be judged by appearance. The sea cannot be measured with a bushel. I couldn't have enough of Jerry after the first interview. I wish I could get to know him even better! -- Chun-chieh

     We tend to stress ourselves too much when we attempt something we do not feel confident. If we relax and present our best results from practice, we will be able to manage well. This interview was a good example.
-- Yu-han

     It is important to condense the conversation into key points so that others can understand. This will make notetaking a lot easier. We had to transcribe the interview too. This was another challenge. -- Tsai-jung

     I was simply too nervous so I spoke softly and stammered. Nonetheless, the interview turned out to be a great experience. I believe I would do better next time. -- Wei-hsuan

     This interview was an unforgettable experience to me. It was the first time I interviewed others. It was not easy at all. The attention to details was required from the question designs and the interview process. It was a great learning experience. -- Yun-hsuan

     I was nervous and restless. This taught me a great lesson. When I thought about what happened, I would remind myself to be brave and face all the challenges. -- Chien-yu

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Interview Findings



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