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             Bring Life to Community

     The combination of art and tourism can generate long-term momentum for the development of the community economy and a positive input to the creation of the community image.

     Streets are the venue to express community styles and vibrations. Walkways are particularly important to the regeneration of old business districts. Street performances can create community images and boost the local economy.

     If the weather permits, street performers often appear on the pavements reserved for pedestrians and tourists. People can stop by at any time to watch their performances, stunts, singing or drawing. Different from movies or broadcast programs from TV and radios, street performances are live and interactive with the audience. The up-and-close nature of street shows adds spice to daily life and entertains the public. If the infrastructure such as transportation is established and a selection of business venues are available, street performances can make communities more vibrant and attractive and bring more variety to the leisure activities for tourists.

     Meanwhile, street performances attract crowds and reutilize idle spaces. It is a way to rejuvenate communities. In contrast with the site redevelopment into art and culture centres, street performances do not require any major civil engineering works. As long as the nature of the performances allows, street corners can become an art scene at any time. A good use of the pockets of space and the mobility of street performers can add new colours and ideas to communities.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website
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