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     Over the past year, Jerry as a street artist has been gaining popularity for his dedication. Many schools invite him to speak with students and share his personal journey. It is hoped that his adventure, courage and passion can inspire young people so that they can realize their potential and find their own paths. Jerry will continue to be active in campus and reach out to more students.

     In addition to street performances and commercial shows, Jerry was invited to Hong Kong in early June 2016 to perform as a street artist and share his experience. After the event, he decided to put on a show in the streets of Hong Kong. His performance was very well received by locals. One movie director in Hong Kong was so impressed that he invited him on the spot to film a micro movie. Jerry spoke to the Hong Kong people with pride in front of the camera that he is from Taiwan. In the future, he wishes to have more opportunities to perform overseas in order to accumulate experience by working with foreign performing groups.

Jerry Huang's performance in Hong Kong

     Jerry has made plans for his performing career. He wants to continue his efforts as a performance artist and wishes to participate in theater, street art and cultural events. He has set up a stunt group, “Free Boys”. He leads two junior guys in their experiment with different elements, including illusion, stunt, dance, juggling and martial art. His goal is to combine the innovation of traditional arts with street culture and brings hope to everyone with their performances.

     Jerry believes that we should give back to the society for what we have taken from the society. This is why he works with social welfare organizations by performing in nursery homes for the old people and the supporting groups for children. He feels privileged as a performance artist. It has enriched his life and given him the opportunity to care about the society and contribute to the humanity causes.

     Many people ask Jerry how long and how far his journey as a performance artist. He always replies, “As far as I can continue.”

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website

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