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     Jerry performs everywhere in Taiwan. For him, each performance is a learning activity. He visits the famous architectures and broadens his perspectives. This also deepens his understanding of Taiwan. He once performed in Alishan. He was awed by the beauty of the landscape and shot a short video as part of his memories.

Video for memories post performance in Alishan

The video courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website 

     However, not all the performances end well. Sometimes the audience have different perspectives from that the artist would like to convey. In that case, Jerry has to take on board the criticism and suggestions from the viewers in order to improve his performances. He often practices in front of a mirror or asks his friends who are also performance artists to give him immediate feedback. He always modifies his scripts for each new performance in order to achieve the best results.

     Although Jerry is now a bit of a celebrity in his own right and receives many invitations for various events and activities, he remains the same big boy, simple and curious about the world. He is always practicing and instilling new elements for his performances. He believes that no pain, no gain. The applause of the audience depends on the dedication of the performers. The audience can tell how much effort the performers have made. This is what drives Jerry.

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