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     Jerry's debut as a performance artist was in the first year of the senior high school. There was an accomplishment sharing exhibition at the end of the semester. As a member of the magic club, the team leader asked Jerry to perform on stage. To make sure he did his best, he went to instructors for additional training. As he had to purchase all the props, he sold his beloved game console to pay for the expenses. For the outfit on stage, Jerry's mother took him to all the wedding dress shops in Lukang, looking for a tuxedo for rent. They finally found one. On the day of the exhibition, he was very nervous. He worried that his performance would not be appreciated by the students and teachers of the school. He thought about chickening out by calling sick. In the end, he summoned up his courage and walked onto the stage. The audience responded to his perfect performance with clapping and screaming. It was at this moment that he decided to pursue a career as a performance artist.

     Jerry started his performance tours since he was in university. There are many performances he would never forget. On one occasion, he was playing music by inserting a speaker into his handset. He forgot to switch the phone into the flight mode before he started. In the middle of his street performance, his mother called and it went through accidentally. “Are you coming back for dinner?” said his mother, out and loud from the speaker. The audience burst into laughter, wondering whether this was part of the show. Jerry quickly adjusted the setting of his mobile phone and restarted his performance, in order to rescue the situation. Another unforgettable experience was his performance, as invited by the fishermen's association. It was a hot summer day. After his crystal ball trick, he performed in the fire dance with his partners. One of the movements was to lying on the floor. After the show, they noticed that their backs were burnt by the hot floors, and the wounds looked like tattoos.

     Sometimes, sudden rains disrupt the street performances. Yet audience stayed by pulling up the umbrellas or hiding under the hallways. On these occasions, Jerry would finish his performance. The generous applauses from the viewers are something he will never forget.

     Jerry posts the news about his performance schedule on Facebook. Some crazy fans arrive earlier to wait for him and never miss a show. Jerry is very touched by the support of these fans. He started to produce his own merchandize as giveaways to his fans, as a token of his gratitude.

     Whenever Jerry is performing in Lukang, his friends and family are more than sportive. They often deliver water, beverages and towels onsite. Sometimes he receives a pile of items in a day. Such is the kindness of the locals in Lukang.

     The life of street performers is not easy. However, somebody said this before, “Street performers look vulnerable and defenceless. In fact, they are the ones who have the power to create miracles.”

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website

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