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Magic Rings

The video courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website  (Link)

     Magic rings are a tool for visual art. One set is comprised of four rings. When the performer spins the rings, the magic effects are created due to visual persistence.

     Magic rings takes on life of their own in Jerry's hands. They jump to the left and right, and pop up and down. They can even cross the mountains. The variety is unlimited. Rings can become butterflies or flowers. They dance in Jerry's hands, going round and round.

     Magic rings are a common theme in street performances. The rings spin around, amid the dexterous fingers, and confuse the eyes of the audience. This is what makes magic rings fascinating.

     Magic rings amaze the audience with four simple circles. Whether it is the rings spin into ideas of their own or the sleight of hands gives life to the rings, the audience will surely find these visual effects astonishing and entertaining.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website

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