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A Typical Day

     Jerry goes on short trips when he does not perform. He went to the lavender forest in Taitung once and spent hours there. He simply sat there in the nature. That is usually how his inspirations flow. Sometimes he records video to document the feelings he has at the moment.

     He develops repertoire by visiting the locations relevant to the performances or the themes, and often comes up with unexpectedly brilliant ideas. Jerry is currently preparing for a theatric performance, “The Ode to the Wind”. As the play is about winds, he has been looking for windy spots to develop the feelings for the stage.

     Jerry practices on a daily basis and he also dances regularly. Dance helps to develop coordination and balancing capability. He also draws the creative elements from dance to enrich his performances.

     Performers like Jerry often have a pipeline of a few projects at any given time. The preparation depends on the scale of the performances. He starts rehearsals a month before a medium-to-large scale show, to ensure the quality of performances. For most engagements, two weeks would be sufficient.

     He hopes to extend his performances to different domains. He is also trying to acquire the licenses as a street artist at different cities and counties in Taiwan.

     Some people envy Jerry's lifestyle. In fact, he is busy over the weekends when everybody else is relaxing. He goes to TV stations for recording, performances in theater, commercial shows in department stores and weddings. If no jobs are scheduled, he will perform on the streets so that he can make best use of the weekends.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website

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