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     Jerry Huang was born and grew up in Lukang. As a child, he was lively, energetic and interested in performances. He was good with theater. He was a quite regular boy. He loved TV, comic books and daydreaming. He collected action figures and was a big fan of Pokémon. The only thing that stood him out was that he liked to entertain others by mimicking classmates. He has always been popular in school. He participated in many performing competitions as he enjoyed the process and developed a lot of confidence.


     Jerry was immersed in the culture of Lukang and he has a deep emotional attachment to it. He hoped to make contributions to his hometown. Now that he is a known performance artist, he has been incorporating the local elements and folk art of Lukang in his repertoire. He wanted to express his long-standing love for Lukang in his performances so that they touch the heart of the audience and elevate his artistic achievements. He wants to be a performance artist that brings the Lukang culture to the prominence.

Jerry Huang's education background

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang

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