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Street Artists

     Street artists are the artists who put on shows in front of the public on public occasions. They could be musicians, paintings and behaviour artists. They usually aim for the tips given by passengers who walk by. Street performances come in a large variety, such as singing, ventriloquism, musical instrument playing, painting, juggling, and storytelling. Street performers are active in all the major cities in the world.

     Our interviews found that many licensed street artists in Taiwan are amateur. They perform over the weekends, inside department stores or on the streets for tourists. They contribute to the beauty of the street scenes, create the memories shared with the public and bring laughter's to our cities. In Taiwan, street artists have to obtain certificates by passing exams. This indicates that their standards are certified and they are no sloppy performers with little practice. The licensing system ensures that the public enjoy entertaining and high-quality performances. Jerry Huang hones his skills from each performance on the street. Amid the attention and applause from the audience, he feels like a conductor able to call in the crowds. He believes that he develops confidence and efficiency as a street performer. Jerry currently has 12 licenses issued from different cities and counties. He encourages students to learn and make choices constantly and continuously.

Jerry Huang's street artist licenses

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang

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