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             Interview Background

     I was strolling along Lukang Old Street during the Chinese New Year holiday in 2016. Normally I would not stop for street performances but that was really amazing. I stopped and watched for half an hour. The artist's performance was stunning and lively. I could not take my eye off the show.

  I was very impressed with his performance as it put me into a magic world of wonders. I learned from the bulletin board that he is a local and his name is Jerry Huang.

     In November 2016, our class established a Cyberfair project team. Whilst we were discussing the competition, Jerry's amazing performance sprang back to my mind. I suggested that we should interview Jerry Huang. The team members voted to agree.

     We first searched online for background information. We realized that Jerry is a passionate performance artist, specialized in the tricks with the crystal ball and the magic ring. His shows never cease to amaze the audience.

     Street performances are an important element of Lukang as a tourist attraction. They lighten up this small town, invigorate the communities and create the sights and sounds to please visitors.

     We felt privileged that Jerry Huang was the focus of our research for the Cyberfair project. We hope our feature report can introduce this brilliant young performance artist from Lukang to the world.

Photos courtesy of Jerry Huang's official website

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