Our Reflection


Eric Lu

Well, it all starts with idea, hope, and faith. I didn’t know it was going to be that tough. As a team, teammates and I encountered several challenges during the Cyberfair. Yet like Director Chi we solve the problems and gave our best to complete the project. Life is like a project. This Cyberfair project may seem small comparing to our lifelong project, however it is one of the most important pieces to complete our perfect life jigsaw.

Ethan Yin

I have learned and discovered a lot throughout the CyberFair. Team cooperation and mutual trust are the axis that supports us to complete our project. Without these two important factors, finishing the project seems impossible for us. Although I experienced failures, I also received lots of happiness as we did it together. And they are etched deeply into my memory for the rest of my life. Comparing to happiness, I think disappointments had made me grow the most, I learned from failures, and started over from harsh situations. Finally, I believe, if there are more chances for me, I will continue to participate in this event in the future.

Daniel Lin

I think that Cyberfair is an activity which provided challenging event. This is not only about learning the knowledge, it can also help us to broaden the knowledge. In this activities, teamwork is an  indispensable and the key factor. if the team does not establish a good sense of trust and teamwork, we can not successfully break through the difficulties and the process encountered setbacks. We broke through the difficulties because of teamwork and trust. Many of those cant be done by myself. Which made us realize the importance of these elements.

Gareth Lin

Participating in the 2017 CyberFair benefited me a lot. I learned how to design a web-page, organize information better, and other different kinds of skills. Our research project is about Director Chi, who presents Taiwan’s beauty through aerial photography. One that impressed me the most is Director Chi’s documentary “Beyond Beauty," as he recorded Taiwan’s various kinds of beauty in many different angles. In the CyberFair, we met many setbacks and difficulties, but we didn’t give up. When we face problems, we helped each other to solve the problem out as a team. I think teamwork is the most important throughout the process, teamwork allowed us to complete our research successfully. In addition, I would like to thank Mr. Shiao and Mr. Peng for supporting us through this project, as well as my other teammates.

Jerry Liao

I think that Cyberfair is a very challenging competition, whether it is on the team or finishing the information. Even it is a hard thing, we are trying to complete this activity together, each person has different things that they need to complete, it is inevitable that the amount of work for each person will be slightly different. There are many things that cannot be done by a person, a we played like a team together to complete. This event allows us to know how to team up and organize information, encounter setbacks also try to overcome. The Cyberfair is a great way to enhance the ability of ourselves, if after I have the opportunity to participate I will definitely try.

Jonathan Ting

The 2017 Cyber Fairs Competition is one of the most remarkable event I have ever attended. Starting from planning all the way to the preparation of the competition, everyone put a lot of effort into the project. What I appreciate the most about this competition project is the topic we had chosen. Our task is to introduce our home to people who are not familiar with it, and our topic could be said as the most special one. The story of Director Chi taught us an important lesson. He once said, “It is challenging and money wasting to save the environment, yet it is one of the most remarkable and helpful thing that I could do for Taiwan.” His words touched me deeply, I started to ask myself, maybe I can do something to help the environment we live in. Other than Director Chi, I learned the most from my teammates. They taught me about teamwork. They taught me about how important friends are. This cyberfair activity is all about group work. Without my group members, accomplishing the requirements is nearly impossible. Again, thanks to all my teammates and instructors for giving me such a nice experience.

Cathy Hsieh

This time we are doing the theme that ties with the director who has the environmental awareness in the Cyberfair. When we were searching and reading the reports about director Po-Lin Chi, I found that no matter was his movie or his photograph, were almost the same, to keep our island — Formosa. I think I have not encountered much difficult problem this time. First, I am very interested in this topic. Second — the most of the reason is be cause we cooperated with each other, as we help each other, most of the problems were sold unknowingly, and we all get fantastic answers. When I was doing this topic, I learned how to write a schedule and how to write some effectively interview question. I believe in the future, if there is a chance, I will do it better.


Christine Wu

I have heard about Cyberfair when I was in seventh grade. At that time, I've never thought of having a chance to join. So I was really happy that I got a chance this year. Everyone was really excited and looking forward to the cyber fair. As time passed, we all became more responsible for our work. Instead of fooling around and being lazy, we started to learn how to use our time wisely and to completely our work with efficiency and with high quality. I can feel myself getting more organized and being more responsible for many things. Being able to finish individual works is very important in team working, or you will become a burden of the group. Also, we spend a lot of time together researching, so I got to know some new friends here. I really appreciate my teammates and my teachers, because of you guys I learned a lot and had a really special experience.

Tiffany Chen

At the beginning of Cyberfair, I felt very excited, I think that having competition with my friend is very new for me. Actually, at first I don't think it will not be very difficult, it should be very easy. But the truth is it is very very difficult. We need to work together and find many information. But I still think it is interesting, and I wish I can get a good grade with my friend.


Julie Su

Being one member of International Schools Cyberfair, I learn a lot from our group’s research and web making. I experienced and master many new things and skills from the interview and planning the web page too. The topic of my group is about the interview with the director of the documentary Beyond Beauty - TAIWAN FROM ABOVE. This documentary records many magnificent landscape of Taiwan and also shows out many distressing scene that is hidden at the dark side of this land. And it further more brings up the audience’s environmental awareness.

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