Questionnaire About Director Chi


(Surveys were sent to a total of 401 people in Taiwan)

5.1 Questionnaire

5.2 Observations from Our Investigation



    Photography has been one of the most popular activity in the modern world. Starting from 19th century, people had stopped writing and drawing records, photography grew popularity. With the improvement of modern day technology, photography has spreaded to every corner of our world. Its technology had expanded as large as astrophotography and as little as photomicrography. These techniques made up everyday of our lives. Due to the miscellaneous types of photography, it could be used to take photos from the ground to the sky, and even into the ocean. Every time a new photographic technique is invented, people can take a brand new image of the world from a different angle, range, and location.

    Our team fortunately has the pleasure to interview Director Chi to learn more about him and his life. After the interview, knowing more about aerial photography, we designed 16 questions in order to investigate how much people know about Director Chi and aerial photography. According to the responses, no matter what age they are, people are somewhat interested in trying new photographic techniques. Most people also have basic knowledge, or at least heard of aerial photography. About half of them, surprisingly, responded with opinions about Director Chi’s documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above.

    Through this survey, respondents start to understand the difficulty and risks of aerial photography. It is a hard yet amazing task to conquer. As we mentioned about Director Chi’s works in the questionnaire, most respondents had a resonance that Taiwan itself is a country full of cultural and natural resources.

    After watching the Director Chi’s documentary, people are concerned about the environmental issues that the director brought up in his works. Those are like wake up calls, warning Taiwanese and even the whole world to focus on the worsening situation of environmental damage. Maybe it's time for people to solve the problem. Maybe it's time for people to save the environment. Maybe it's time for people to bring back the original globe they've been singing in their anthem.



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