About Director Chi


1.1 Facts About Director Chi


Director Po-Lin Chi is not only a director, but also a photographer and environmentalist. As one of the pioneers of aerial photography in Taiwan, his documentaries aim to make people look at Taiwan in a different perspective.

Before Director Chi became famous by his works, he had been a commercial photographer and a magazine photographer. These nameless professions gradually improved himself to become the director of Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above.

In 1990, Director Chi took off to record his first aerial video, which presents the construction of a highway in Taiwan. In the next 20 years he traveled around the island to record landscapes such as the Sun-Moon Lake, Jade Mountain, and Yang Ming Mountain. One notable event during his trip was that, after Typhoon Morakot raided Taiwan at August 8th 2009, he rode a helicopter into the destructed towns and shot photos of the destructed villages. What he saw amazed him. He saw families being scattered and house destroyed. It was the moment he finally realized by warning people orally would not make any changes at all.  The incident induced the birth of his first documentary, Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above.








1.2 Awards


Due to the documentary Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above, Director Chi won the 50th Golden Horse Awards and the 47th Houston International Movies Awards. As an environmentalist he won the 2003 Johnnie Walker “Keep Walking Fund” and the 2012 4th Xue Xue Awards.








1.3 Projecting to the Future


Three years has past since the production of Director Po-Lin Chi’s first documentary, Beyond Beauty: Taiwan from Above. The documentary is considered as one of his most important milestones in his life, since they had been working hard and battling through challenges for the last 20 years. Although the success seems like a big deal, but to Director Chi and his company, the documentary is simply one of their hard works that was fortunate to be seen by people.

About the upcoming project of Director Chi and his company, they plan to challenge themselves on a harder task. They want to go deep into the ocean and present people’s destructions in water bodies, as well as wastes that are sent everywhere by the ocean current. Their goal is to zoom out the audience’s vision on global crisis. Every new challenge now is a new surprise awaiting them to discover. Director Chi hopes, using different methods and angles, more and more young people can join the mission with him to save our dangerous environment.




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