Torch Guidance


After joined the Ruifang torch festival, I think that is a pretty cool activity. Everyone takes torches and row a long strip, the road became a strong fire dragon. That scene left a deep impression in my mind. I’m so glad to be a team member of this topic, because participate this topic, I learned how to draw sophisticated picture. I’m very grateful to the teachers for their help, thank you guys!

I’m so glad to join this topic, I learned mamy things that about Ruifang History. Then I thought that was a very cool activity. This festival is one of the most impressive in my mind, when you saw the road became a strong fire dragon that made you moved. Finally, welcome to joining us next time, 2018 Ruifang Torch Festival.

I Iearned a lot from this competition. The most impressive part is the process of collecting questionnaires. We needed to communicate with strangers, and we all tried our best to complete it. This competition taught me the important of collaboration in a team.

After joining CyberFair, I realized something about Ruifang Torch Festival. At first,I did not know it and was not interested in this , But after making the torch by myself and also finishing the route, I knew its meaning while making the torch, there were lots of details that I had to pay attention, especially when pouring oil into the torch. In this part of the process, I had to be very attentive or something bad might happen. However on the day, watching the torches lit made me impressed a lot. While walking on the street, not only I but also kids were interested in the torches , The kids were very curious about the torchs and wanted to hold them , but the organizers told us that we had to keep them from the fire . When the children were told that they could not hold the torches, they cried out loudly, which made me unbearable , All in all, my favorite part is to be an animationdubber. This is the first time for me and I had a lot of fun . If I have the chance next time , I will try it again !

I learned a lot from this event, for example, how to complete the distribution of the work at the same time, do not delay the school, there are matters on the torch festival, Ruifang history ... ... and so on. I think the most interesting part is the torch production, although it was filled with kerosene taste, and I got in hands injured, However, it was the experience I never had brfore, so I think it is worth, to participate in Torch Festival Without this opportunity, I may not be a blefo participate in The ForcgFestiral in pers.

I have absolutely no idea about this activity at that time,We step by step from inquiry to interview and visit,First time I saw so many people in Rueifang I'm very surprised about that,at first empty streets but now there are so many tourists and street vendors and a lot of school and folk artisan brings splendid performances and then to the fackeltanz in front of dancer bro/sis they are dancing very hard but few people support them,when the torches ignites it's very spectacular and moved us ,I will come again next time.

I first participated in the Ruifang Torch Festival in order to shoot the photos someone else had not ever seen before. The scene that people ignited torches each other made me very impressed. Before the activity, we interviewed the People Representative and theDirector about the history and culture of the Torch Festival Due to the activities. I learned that how to prepare and organize a project is so complicated. and also because of this topic, the members of our team cooperated with one another,which made our tacit agreement get better and better. Compared with the past, the symptomof my hand shivering was less serious when I got the camera.

I am honored to be able to participate, in this webpage special even. Although it was the first time for me participate in and learn about the web design I understand the importance of the teamwork. It’s not one person finishing all things but all the teammates working together to carry out. I’m very lucky to have the chance to participate in this Torch Festival. I served as a volunteer, to help others go up the mountains with torches. The festival is very interesting and gets the meaning of heritage. If you are interested in this. You can come here to expenience the local customs.

The project we are doing is the Ruifang Torch Festival. I order to more understand it,we had an interview with the chief of the Ruifang Old Street Culture & Tourism Association and then knew the importance of the torch which represents the old time memory of the local people. After participating the event, I was surprised to find out that there were more than 500 tourists showing up. It was a unique experience for me. I also learned a lot from this project, such as web page design, animations and clips production. And, of course, the team spirit is the most crucial element for the project to succeed.

It’s the first time to join the race.Atfirst,I was not interested in it so I rejected it.But during the process,I learned how to work with people,and how to converse with stranges.The matter that made me impressed most was that not many people wanted to fill out the questionnaires after we delivered them,but finally, some enthusiastic people help us complete the task.We participated in the Ruifang Torch Festival,and experienced the fun of the festival.Regardless of the result of the race, I think that the process is the most important.I thanks for the teacher to give me this chance to participate in this event

Teacher: WEN-LIN LI
This is my first time to instruct and guide students into participating in Taiwan School Cyberfair (TSC). Ireally thank TSC for giving me so many first-time experiences, such as knowing Ruifang Old Street, taking part in torch-making, holding a torch, and so on. All of these are precious experiences for me. The theme of our website is Ruifang Torch Festival. Sincere appreciation goes to Mr. Cai, board director of Ruifang Old Street Culture and Tourism Promotion Association and Mr. Ke, Chief of Long-an Village. Thank them for accepting our interview and warmheartedly sharing everything about Ruifang with us, such as history, origin, the aims of the association, tasks of the torch festival, and so forth. With their interpretations, we re-know Ruifang Old Street. Moreover, we deeply realize the connocations of this activity due to understanding the history and stories of the old street.As a result, we are not just looking around while taking part in the torch festival; instead, we do see the volunteers from the old street association making painstaking efforts to help the activity for the sake of their personal ideals and thought. Ruifang Torch Festival, for me and my students, isn’t merely an activity in which we hold a torch, strolling along the night route. The festival indeed has been deeply rooted in our mind. As an old saying goes, “the footprint in the sand shows where you have been.”Therefore, it is still better to experience this festival by ourselves, so that it would profoundly impress us.


Through the opportunity of making CyberFair Project, I saw the children have made such great progress, during the process of implementing questionnaire, interviews, volunteering work, organizing materials and so forth. Many things are the first time to them, they have encountered many frustrations during these process, but the group members always tried hard and to find ways to overcome it. It indeed a valuable experience. In the meanwhile, I am glad that through the CyberFair project we are able to know Ruifang area well, and to understand the culture of Ruifang Street. Especially, by participating Torch Festival activities, seeing the whole street was full of people, everyone holding a torch, I was touched by the scene very much.




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