Torch Preparation

       Date: 2017/02/06
       Location: Outdoor square of the chief of village’s office
       Participants:The Board Director in RuifangOldstreet, the chief of village, the instructors and team members.
     Production quantity: 500torches



      The Following are steps of making a torch

1.Materials:Bamboo tubes, piles of paper money, cotton cords, syringes, a small bucket, small plastic bags, rubber bands.



First, take a pile of paper money and a cotton cord, then put the cotton cord on the paper money.


Roll the paper money and the cotton cord together, the fighter the better.

Step3 Then cover the rolled paper money with a piece of aluminum foil and put the whole set into a bamboo tube.

Pour kerosene into a small bucket, then use a syringe to suck the kerosene.


Next,inject the kerosene into the torch.

Step6 At last, Use a plastic bag to cover the torch and tighten it with a rubber band.

(photographed by Special Topic Team)



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