In Search of the Hidden Dragon

    When interviewing the board director of the Old Street Association, we know that the night route of the torch festival this year is along North 36 Road in Hsiuchi mountain (秀崎山北36鄉道) in an attempt to combine the local legend in Ruifang. During the Japanese colonial period, Li Chien-hsing (李建興), from a local distinguished family, hid around the route because of false accusation. During his flight from the Japanese, torches were used to illuminate the way to shelter for him. After the restoration of Taiwan, Li returned to Hsiuchi mountain and carved the four characters“hidden dragon in the abyss (潛龍在淵)” to express his sentiments at that time. For the purpose of feeling the sentiments of Li, our team members went to North 36 Road, trying to find the hidden dragon with curiosity.  

Walking along North 36Road,finding the wall with the four characters,”the hidden dragon in the abyss”.

About 2km from the North 36 Township Road, there is a Hsiuchi mountain carved with a line of “Hidden dragon in the abyss”and we took a picture there. 


Through Google map a three-dimension picture shows the whole picture of Hsiuchi mountain. The figure marksthe location where the Hsiuchi mountain of “Hidden dragon in the abyss”lies.


There were thousands of people along the North 36 Township Road holding torches for 2017 Ruifang Torch Festive. The scene was so magnificent that it looked like a glitter dragon.

 (photographed by Chien Hsin University of Science and Technology Department and Civil Engineering Department at Ruifang Industrial High School)
Thousands of people tooktorches, ignoring the coldness and looked for the touching moment of childhood.

(photographed by Special Topic Team) ▲TOP

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