Promoter of Ruifang Torch Fesitval—the Ruifang Old Street Culture & Tourism Association 

Ruifang Old Street, including Fengchia Road and Ruifang Street, was once the most pupular area surrounding Ruifang Railway Station. Ruifang Old Street Culture and Tourism Promotion Association is therfore set up to reproduce the previous glory of the old street. It is hoped that tourists can more profoundly realize the humanities and cultures of Ruifang and its old street by means of the sightseeing type of a feature tour.

Our research team especially organized the procedures, work content, and cultural creative products concerning the torch festival in 2017. By comprehending the festival, we believe that people can know more about Ruifangand further love it.

Item Explanation Item Explanation

2017 Ruifang Torch Festival poster.

The theme this year is that “Start from the heart;Light up Ruifang.”
2017 Ruifang Torch Festival begins from the afternoon and ends around 9 p.m.
Set up a checking counter and get a torch voucher and safety gloves. There are many activities for people to take part in.
Many groups come to perform here.

The performance form the clubs of Ruifang

Vocational High School.
Use Torch vouchers to control the number of the torchs and make sure they are safe. Hand out torches in order.
After the ceremony of ignitiny the torches,the participante light up the whole town of Ruifang. Alone North 36 Road to find out the memories in our childhood.

Volunteers were orderly recycling the torches.

The Organizer provides desserts for people.
The map of Ruifang Old Street is cute. A scarf can be used as a cultural creative product, scarf.(Prepared by Wen Qing’s Ruifang notes)

The work uniform for Ruifang Old Street is full of creativity.(Prepared by Wen Qing’s Ruifang notes) concept.

(Prepared by Wen Qing’s Ruifang notes)

(photographed by Special Topic Team)


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