1. Research Background and Motivation

The area now known as Ruifang Old Street was first established during Japanese rule, thanks to mining activities in the region and the operation of a rail transport station that later led to the development of city streets. Ruifang Old Street is situated in the vicinity of Ruifang Street and Fengjia Road at the rear of Ruifang Railway Station. It was once the most prosperous area of Ruifang and gave birth to the community’s local culture and characteristics. But nowadays, Ruifang Old Street has waned to the point of being mainly a transit station.

The Ruifang Old Street Culture and Tourism Promotion Association is committed to promoting the development of the old street and organizes an annual event - the Torch Festival, where all of the participants stretch out and hold torches thatdepict an awesome fiery dragon during the procession. In our eyes, it is really cool and gorgeous but in this brilliant lively scene, what is the significance to the participants and what is the purpose? We want to know the story of Ruifang Old Street. We want to know the local people's memories of Ruifang culture and through the organization of the Torch Festival held in Ruifang Township, we want to know what new elements will be brought in.

2. Research Objectives

(1) To understand the current status of Ruifang Old Street development
(2) To understand the inner depth of the Ruifang Torch Festival
(3) To investigate the purpose of Ruifang Torch Festival activities
(4) To explore the impact of the Ruifang Torch Festival 

3. Research Methods

(1) Methods of data collection: through websites, thesis data collection, to understand and compare torch festival from different regions and the history and development of the Old Street.

(2) Questionnaire survey: understand the impact of the Torch Festival through the analysis of the questionnaires.
(3) Interview method: Understand the inner depth of the development of Ruifang Old Street and the Torch Festival through   interviews.



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