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Lukang Longshan Temple


 Lukang Longshan Temple is a national historic site and was first built in the late Ming Dynasty and early Qing Dynasty. In 1786 (1786), it was relocated to the current site and exists for more than 230 years. Lukang Longshan Temple is a large building which is considered to be the most complete building of the Taiwanese Qing-era in Taiwan. The pattern is magnificent and elegant and the building is complete and grand, showcasing the beauty of the overall building, so the temple is a very rare building in Taiwan. Its architectural structure is ingenious and exquisite, so the temple reaches the peak of perfection for temples of Qing Dynasty in Taiwan and is hailed as the Forbidden City of Taiwan. Dragon column, stone carving, painting and woodwork are produced by the well-known craftsmen, so the temple is called the museum of art. By means of Wu-lang Cheng's explanation, we have a deeper understanding of the historical background of the dragon cultural relics.

▲ Figure 3-5-1 : Gate of Lukang Longshan Temple (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers) ▲ Figure 3_5_1_1 :Plaque of Lukang Longshan Temple(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

Sanchuan Hall

▲ Figure 3-5-2 : Mr. Zheng's explanation of Nine Similarities Sharing by Dragon (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

▲Figure 3-5-3 : Dragon column of Sanchuan Hall( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure3-5-4 :Mr. Zheng's Explanation of Kui Dragon Window(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 3-5-5 :Eight Diagrams Window Lattice also called Kui Dragon Window ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure3-5-6 :Stone Carving of Left-wall Dragon (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 3-5-7 :Caisson ceiling ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

Main Hall

▲ Figure 3-5-8 : Dragon column in Main Hall (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

▲Figure 3-5-9 :Ao Dragon ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure3-5-10 :Two dragons guarding the tower at the rooftop of main hall (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 3-5-11 :Azure Dragon atop the rooftop ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure3-5-12 :Chi Tiger arch(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 3-5-13 :Chi Tiger arch ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

Hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva

▲ Figure 3-5-14 : Hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

▲Figure 3-5-15 :Dragon column in the hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure3-5-16 :Deity of Dragon King(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 3-5-17 :Deity of Dragon King ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

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