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Students' Experience  ( Team :Dragon Seekers)

Yu-chi Wang

    I’ve learnt a lot from the Cyberfair project, including making web pages, taking down expert interviews, presiding over meetings and keeping records, and even editing photos and texts with computer programs. The project has also brought me new knowledge and some common sense. I think the experience is valuable. We had to sacrifice our noon breaks to complete the tasks, which is hard, but our teachers made greater sacrifice as they had to leave aside the work at hand in order to offer us guidance at the computer room and lead us in guiding activities, which has been of great help to our project. I enjoyed these activities very much because they have brought me knowledge and broadened my outlook with experts’ explanation of origins of temples and places where dragons had been enshrined and worshiped. I hope that the experience will make my life more colorful.

Cheng-chih Hsieh

    The reason why I made up my mind to join the team of dragon seekers is because of my elder sister, who won the international platinum award and the national bronze award last year. But the seemingly simple guiding explanation of historical places, experience essays and meeting reports have gradually become energy-consuming, because I had to first compile historical data and expert interviews, and then visit temples to discover problems and return to reconfirm with experts. We repeated such procedures again and again and reviewed patiently in order to, besides winning the privilege to share a group photo with the president, publicize the unique historical sites and culture of Changhua. Through the project I learnt webpage-making, picture-beautifying and text-editing techniques, and took pictures together with my family on holidays, hard but rewarding. I believe we will get great results.

Yu-ying Chou

    During the project, I, along with other teammates, studied the culture of dragon, as dragon seekers. In order to collect data, we visited countless temples, got information which can be found nowhere on Internet from guides and took down pages of notes, all of which took much time. Also, the project requires a large number of documents sorted out and reports written, on which I had to make much effort. But I learnt a lot from the experience, for example, legends of dragon, guiding experience, and the ability to sort out materials, among others. I think the most interesting experience is the DIY at the kneading model workshop, where we modelled the dragon in our mind. This was really a precious opportunity to materialize my imagined dragon. Now I have a more in-depth understanding of “dragon”, a mysterious creature, and no longer find it boring to visit temples. I become a dragon seeker never letting go of any spot where dragon may appear.

Yung-han Wu

    When I first join the team, I felt afraid but curious. From the field surveys and expert advice, I came to understand that we can benefit from different experiences, and also acquired much knowledge and common sense and discovered my interest. During the project, we went to many temples, where carefully observed and discussed things and asked experts many questions. From experts’ explanation of the origin and features of old temples, I’ve learnt the building of historical sites, architectural features. But what impressed me the most is the gods enshrined and worshiped in temples because they always made me pleasantly surprised. I also like the dragon doll DIY experience, which presents a visualized dragon to me. I believe the dragon-seeking experience will help me discover more interesting history, better understand dragon and lead a more colorful life.

Fang-yun Tsai

    It is my pleasure to take part in the Cyberfair project. It has taken me much effort but brought valuable experience from which I can learning something novel. At first, I thought I was going to be boring, but later unexpectedly, the field survey piqued my curiosity. It is quite interesting to explore the various symbols and connotations hidden inside temples, and we can develop our courage by practice guiding. The things we have to prepare for the Cyberfair project are unexpectedly many, and our completion of the complicated procedures cannot do without our teachers’ guidance. I have deeply realized the importance of cooperation. Without concerted efforts, the task would never have been accomplished. By visiting historical sites, collecting data and discussing on separate topics, we have better understood dragon. The process was hard but fruitful, and I hope we will get excellent results.

Yi-hsuan Lo

    Since I joined the team, I have explored with curiosity, despite setbacks along the way. I understand that I will never reap anything without coming across obstacles. With the help of teachers and experts, I have known more about the Cyberfair project. Sometimes I am very much looking forward to field surveys, during which I can discover many novel things. The activity enabled us to visit many temples, and upon completion of each visit I came back with fruitful results and something novel. In addition to knowledge increase, I have also discovered my interest and broadened my outlook. We have visited experts and people who know a lot about temples, whose explanations has made a great impression on me, particularly those at the Wu Family Dough Figurines Hall, where I really had fun DIY. With these interesting methods to search dragon, I have learned more about the history of temples.

Jui-hung Kao

    I joined our school team of “2017 Cyberfair project” - “Meet the Dragon through Time” by chance, and since then I had had discussions and observation at the computer room each day at noon. At first I thought it was an easy thing to do, but after many visits, I found the messages an ancient work is trying to convey need to get through to people through explanation of guide and analysis of experts, which is far from simple. And since craftsmen vary in techniques, cutting skill, style, etc., a piece of work may have several versions, each of which is unique in its own way and thus requires further exploration, analysis and summary. Through guiding in the community, we have not only helped community members understand community culture, but also carried forward the spirit so that our descendants can learn about the history and protect the valuable works. I hope our hard work will pay off and we win the chance to take a photo with the president.

Yun-chen Hsu

    At first, I was not very interested in Cyberfair project, because I don’t want to exchange my holidays with field surveys in temples or spend noon breaks compiling data. If so, I would be exhausted. But later I realized that the Cyberfair project was not that difficult. Field surveys in temples have helped me better understand dragon culture; being a little guide has showed me the what’s interesting about the job; from the clay-making experience at Wu Family Dough Figurines Hall, I’ve learnt the dough figure culture; and our discussions on the project has showed me the importance of teamwork. The completion of Cyberfair project should rely on concerted efforts rather than one person’s effort. It is my pleasure to be a member of the Cyberfair project, and I am content that I have understood the significance of teamwork. I hope to join again next time.!

Po-ju Chou

    Since my elder brother has taken part in the last year’s Cyberfair project, I know something about it. We determined the subject of “Meet the Dragon through Time” through discussion, and visited various temples in Changhua. I’ve gained a better understanding of dragon through the guide’s detained explanation. I used to go to temples and only gave a transient look at those dragon patterns as they were nothing special to me. But with the guide’s explanation, I found different connotations of the patterns. Each piece of work is a result of craftsman’s hard work. We also experienced to be guide ourselves. It was one thing to just listen to these guides talking, but another to be a guide. When I acted as a guide, I found it difficult even to speak and to answer questions from the audience. Being a guide is never easy as they try to convey and get through everything they know. In addition, we also visited Wu Family Dough Figurines Hall. I think the teachers there are really amazing. With their dab hands, an animal dough figurine turns into a different one, and many works of dragon are remarkably true to life. Besides visit, we were asked to make a dough dragon by ourselves. It was the first time that I had done this, so my finished dragon, in my eyes, turned out to be a little different, or strange perhaps. The project has benefited me a lot.

Che-yuan Yeh

    The Cyberfair project finally came to an end after several months, during which we visited temples to which I had never been and acquired knowledge beyond textbooks, which have benefited me a lot. I used to think that sculptures, scripts and paintings were just ornaments and nothing like bright-colored modern artwork. But now I understand these works, though not bright in color, have special connotations and some of the carving methods fail to be reproduced in modern times. Therefore, historical sites are of great help to exploration of traditional culture. Thanks to these sites and artifacts, we are able to experience the wonder of traditional culture. For traditional inheritance, we should preserve these sites and pass on traditional crafts from generation to generation so that descendants will have the opportunity to learn about the wonder of traditional culture. It is my pleasure to be a member of the Cyberfair project, since it has helped me visualize the image of dragon in traditional culture. I have encountered difficulties in the process, but more importantly, I have enriched my knowledge and broadened my outlook.


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