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Teacher Yin-jui Chou

    It is my pleasure to join the program. With our school’s previous four-year experience in Cyberfair training, this year’s topic about dragon is great both in width of coverage and in depth of historical time, which should be attributed to local senior culture and history workers and teachers of social science of our school, who make the research more in-depth and complete. Children’s devotion and positive attitudes are particularly impressive. They thought of creative ideas, narrowed them down and finally determined the subject; discussed dragon’s evolution in different times at noon each day; visited the dragon column of temples and recorded their experiences and feelings; and worked hard to prepare for the presentation of Meet the Dragon through Time. And parents’ enthusiastic envolvement is also praiseworthy. They even became expert in dragon because all family members envolved themselves in dragon-trace search while playing outdoors. Overall, I am happly for students as they have mastered independent learning, communication and expression skills and the social care for local culture and history. I think these qualities will lay an important foundation for their life-long learning. As the guiding teacher, I believe the research has great significance.

Teacher Hsu-jen Li

    Our school has always attached great importance to the Cyberfair project and therefore put it on educational priority. Since I took over as information group leader, I have encouraged children to participate in the project, taken them across Changhua to collect and compile data, and guided them through completing the web page. All these earnest and heart-warming moments of brainstorming, hard-working during noon breaks and holidays, and parents’ tireless presence will make up students’ best memories in life. Our subject of dragon culture, which has played an importanty role in our country’s historical culture, is expected to spark a discussion and carry forward the national treasure.

Teacher Wei-li Chen

    Dragon has special significance to the Han Chinese since it symbolizes nobility and social status, as well as farmer’s wish for good harvest – “good weather for the crops”. As a result, dragon totems and symbols have always existed in our traditional culture. For the Cyberfair project, students have visited several local temples with the strongest sense of traditional culture, during which our team has received considerable generous help and students have displayed high qualities as they listened carefully and made efforts to acquire relevant knowledge. I really hope that they have benefited from the activity.

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