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Research tool

Learn image-processing software by computer

   Our teacher taught each of us to take a picture of ourselves via a digital camera and taught us how to process the pictures by photocap. For instance, the function of clipping is very useful as it was commonly used to process the pictures we took later. Then our teacher taught us how to reset the size of a picture so that we can reduce the pixels of the pictures and upload them on the internet!

Learn the compilation of data authorization letter and send it

   When we entered the stage of web design, we needed to refer to some data on websites. Thus, our teachers taught us how to write a data authorization letter and sent it out via email.

Practice web page production

  We produced a website with the guidance of our teacher. Based on the proposed research directions, we designed our website. At primary school, our teacher had taught us how to use NAMO to produce a website, so we had understood the basics of website production. We really appreciate our teacher's guidance during the process so that we can finish our website.

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