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Research approaches

      In the research concerning dragon cultural relics for arts, we adopted the cross-comparison method to conduct analysis according to the objects' categories. In addition to obtaining the unique historical significance of dragon cultural relics, we also carried out the research through the following methods:

  1. Through the schools and government resources, such as ancient cultural relics exhibitions and other education activities, public library resources and data collection.
  2. Interviewing experts or seniors, gathering intelligence and obtaining the answers of relevant questions.
  3. Taking the temple building and folk custom cultural activities as the main contents of research through field surveys. In the aspect of temple building, certain historic sites like Changhua Temple of Confucius, Changhua Nanyao Temple, Lukang Mazu Temple and others were selected mainly to conduct research to seek for the original appearance of historical customs.

(Source: Tables Prepared by Dragon Seekers)

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