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Data searching

  The production of a website requires much data, including texts, photos, interview records, and so on. In order to search data, we borrowed books related to The Dragon King has Nine Sons from our library and searched relevant information from the Internet. After collection and categorization, we read and discussed the data. We visited the temples in Changhua, Cultural Affairs Bureau, and other places from December to January. We took pictures of the decoration related to The Dragon King has Nine Sons one by one and recorded its features. During our visits, we also interviewed some professionals, guides, volunteers at temples, and so on.

  The resources we used during the research include: books related to The Dragon King has Nine Sons, online resources, interview manuscripts, cameras, computers, recording pens, and so on.

▲ Figure 1-6-1:Dragon Seekers Discussing Data with Guiding Teachers (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers) ▲ Figure1-6-2:Dragon Seekers Searching data in Library (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)
▲ Figure1-6-3:Dragon Seekers Learning Photographing Techniques (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers) ▲ Figure1-6-4:Field Survey, Seeking Assistance from Seniors (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

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