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Proposals of research questions

Based on the previous research preparation, we proposed four main research questions:

  1. The story of dragon ~ explore the legend, image, folk custom and architectural craft representation of dragon.
  2. Trace of Dragons in Changhua ~ visit representative temples in Banxian and explore the dragon culture representation forms and implications on Changhua’s temple buildings, including dragon gate, roof ridge, dragon column, dragon wall engraving and other components.
  3. Strengthening the education promotion ~ improve the people's understanding of dragon culture through community tour guiding service, Dragon Doll DIY creation, webpage Q&A game, webpage digital education, inviting culture and history teachers to provide historic site guiding and other activities.
  4. Research conclusion ~ come up with the research conclusion from the perspective of local care and cultural education.

▲ Figure1-5-1 :We focused on 8 subject dragon components in the temple buildings and selected them as the research objects. (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers) ▲ Figure1-5-2 : Representation of Dragon Culture in Taiwan’s Folk Custom Activities (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

Trace of Dragons in Changhua - Meet the Dragon through Time  / Team:Dragon Seekers
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