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Review the competitor's websites

   First, our teachers guided us to browse the content of other teams and told us how to write a research report. We should briefly record the content for research and then present the content orderly. It would be better if we could provide evidence of photos. Our teachers had taught us some skills in image processing of which we could give full play. Our teachers first led us to explore relevant data on The Dragon King has Nine Sons. We searched relevant data on the Internet. Then our teachers asked to discuss our research topic and possible directions of exploration. With the guidance of our teachers, we explored deeper to confirm research framework and content.

▲Figure 1-3-1 : (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

▲Figure 1-3-2 : (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

Trace of Dragons in Changhua - Meet the Dragon through Time  / Team:Dragon Seekers
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