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Choosing the topic

Taiwan Jurassic

  Jurassic Park is a movie we see since childhood where we are often fascinated by the details full of adventures and surprise. The teachers told us that Taiwan had Jurassic Parks too. We asked curiously where they were. The teacher said they were in the temples, Taiwan had the most temple dragons and they were our guardian deities!

   Driven by the curiosity and thirst for knowledge, we asked the teachers to take us to make explorations, open our horizon and find out the dragon’s cultural inheritance and historical mission also. Therefore, we established the [Dragon Seekers] through the Cyberfair project and went to Banxian (the name of Changhua in ancient) to seek dragon traces, starting a trip full of miracles and fantasies. Are you ready? Take a journey with us~“Trace of Dragons in Changhua-Meet the Dragon through Time”

▲Figure1-2-1 Jurassic Dinosaurs
(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)
▲Figure1-2-2:Chinese Dragons on Taiwan’s Temple Roofs (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)
▲ Figure1-2-3 :Dragon Seekers Facebook Groups Selected the Title of This Research by Voting /Trace of Dragons in Changhua-Meet the Dragon through Time (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers) ▲Figure1-2-4 : Dragon Seekers Established 2017 Hsin-Yi Cyberfair Facebook Groups (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)

Trace of Dragons in Changhua - Meet the Dragon through Time  / Team:Dragon Seekers
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