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Stories about Dragon Door Deities

Dragon Door Deities

  Door deities are the deities guiding the door and usually the painting or wood carving works on the door plank of temples. We find that the dntrance door of Sanchuan Hall in Tainan Grand Matsu Temple has the only "dragon and phoenix" door deities painting, symbolizing auspicious significance of dragon and phoenix Xiangrui. These door deities are different from the door deities presented in "human-deity" in other temples, and extremely rare. What are the reasons for such a difference? Let us find out the reasons!

  ▲ The only "dragon" door deity in the Changhua Nanyao Temple awakened our curiosity

Research direction

   1.Who decides the use of "human deity" or "dragon deity" as the door deities in each temple?

   2.What are the reasons for using "dragon deity" as the door deities?


We organized the relevant information as follows:

1. "Dragon" means auspicious blessing, and there are two representation ways of the "dragon" door deities:

    (1) Direct way: Directly using "dragon" totem as the door deities.

    (2) Indirect way: Using the "clothes" of human deity (civil and military officials) in the pattern of "dragon" as representation.

2.The position of the main deity worshipped decides the door deities category used. Aside from distinguishing the class with the number of dragon claws, since dragon is a holy animal with greater superhuman strength, usually the imperial-level temples use the "dragon" in a direct way and use the "dragon" as door deities.

Category of Dragon Door Deities

Category Dragon King of the Four Seas dragon and phoenix Golden Dragon
Posture Dragon head and human body/one dragon in four door planks Left and right or up and down One up dragon head and one down dragon head
Meaning "celestial and terrestrial forces in harmony"
Temples Sanxia Old Street Hsinglung Temple Changhua Nanyao Temple

Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Temple/

Songshan Ciyou Temple

Taoyuan Daxi Yungchang Temple

Lukang Martial God of Wealth Temple

Worshiping the chief god Mazu Mazu Mazu

Emperor of the Five Grains

Emperor Guan

Dragon culture presentation of door deities

▲ Figure 4-7-1 : Dragon Door deities of Sanchuan Hall in Changhang Nanyao Temple ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers) ▲Figure 4-7-2 : ◀Dragon and phoenix bringing prosperity -Changhua Nanyao Temple/ ▶upper dragon and lower dragon, meaning "celestial and terrestrial forces in harmony", and Yunlin Beigang Chaotian Temple( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers)
▲ Figure4-7-3 :◀ Upper dragon and lower dragon, meaning "celestial and terrestrial forces in harmony"; Lukang Martial God of Wealth Temple (mainly worshipping Emperor Guan)/▶ Dragon King of the Four Seas in Sanxia Old Street Hsinglung Temple( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 4-7-4 : Door deities of military officials, Lugu Kinmen Hall/presentation of dragon ornamentation in clothing ( Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

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