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Multi-culture fusion

    Dragon is the Chinese nation's totem and is also one of the religious beliefs. To our surprise, dragon can be found in multi-religion belief, proving that China's holy animal dragon also has cross-religion and cross- border capabilities.

Fish dragon (Chiwen or Ao Dragon)

     Fish dragon (Chiwen or Ao Dragon) has the appearance rate of among the in eight dragon components, and is also the only dragon element in the multi-religion buildings. It is a half-dragon and half-fish mythical animal, is capable of brining rain, swallowing fire and spitting water and thus is called the firefighter in legends. We observe that in the dragon building components, "fish dragon" is the most popular. The traces of fish dragon (Chiwen or Ao Dragon) can be found in Liuyuan Christian Church, Changhua Nanyao Temple (Western style), Hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva, Tainan Chinese Catholic Church and Tainan Samurai Virtue Hall. Therefore, fish dragon (Chiwen or Ao Dragon) is the dragon element with the greatest fusion ability in the multi-cultural fusion. The legends of fish dragon (Chiwen or Ao Dragon) about putting out fire and warding off the evil spirits won the favor of builders, and fish dragon accidentally becomes the visting highlight and quietly guards the hearts of people.

Category C-Multi-religion Building
No. 1 2 3 4
Area Changhua Taichung City Tainan Tainan
Historic Site Level County historic building Determined by municipalities  
Name Mazu /Nanyao Temple Hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva Christian/
Liuyuan Presbyterian Church
Tainan Samurai Virtue Hall
Catholic /
Tainan Chinese Catholic Church
Architectural style Western style Western style Japanese style Chinese style
Temple Construction 1916 1916 1936 1963

China's Mazu belief / Nanyao Temple Hall of Avalokitesvara Buddhisatva (non-Chinese traditional places)

▲ Figure 4-3-1 :Crafted by Taiwan's master of traditional temple buildings Chen Yingbin and his only work of Western-style temple - AD 1916 (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure4-3-2 : From black tiles in Japanese-style buildings and the clay sculpture decorations with Acanthus in Western style, we seek the Chinese dragon element hidden in the four corners of roof ridge (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure4-3-3 :Another model of fish dragon (Chiwen) appears in the ridge-swallowing beast which only shows its dragon head in the roof ridge.(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 4-3-4 :Fish dragon (Chiwen) can spit water to extinguish fire and ward off evil spirits like a firefighter in legends(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

Christian Liuyuan Presbyterian Church

▲ Figure 4-3-5 :Taichung City Liuyuan Presbyterian Church is a century-old church and is a historic building in Taichung City(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure4-3-6 : There are two cute animals next to the signboard of the Church and are the visting highlight(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )
▲ Figure4-3-7:Come closer and guess who I am(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure 4-3-8 :The cute animals turn to be the fish dragon (Chiwen or Ao Dragon) and seem to be eager to spit water and swallow fire (Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

Tainan Samurai Virtue Hall/Japanese Budokan

▲ Figure 4-3-9 Tainan Samurai Virtue Hall is the taekwondo gymnasium built by the Dai Nippon Butoku Kai in the Japanese Occupation Period in order to promote budo(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure4-3-10 :"Chiwen" is used in both ends of the idge. It is a design on the ridge of buildings and its tilted tail imitates the abstract style of the Tang Dynasty.Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

Tainan Catholic /Tainan Chinese Catholic Church

▲ Figure 4-3-11 :Tainan Chinese Catholic Church with Chinese style(Source: Photo by Dragon Seekers ) ▲Figure4-3-12 : "Chiwen" biting the roof ridgeource: Photo by Dragon Seekers )

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