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Differences in Zodiac Animal Dragon in Taiwan and Mainland

 The Chinese use an animal to symbolize each year and 12 years to represent a cycle, so these 12 animals are called Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals. Since ancient times, the Chinese people think that the dragon is the most outstanding, so there is an idiom of "wishing one's children to become dragons" (in other words, hoping one's children will have a bright future)! In each year of the dragon, the fertility rate in Taiwan seems to be higher than that in the other zodiac years. Is this the same case in the other side of the strait? Dragon Seekers intend to explore this issue by changes in birth rate.

1.Changes in the number of births in Taiwan

According to statistics issued by the Ministry of the Interior: Number of births in Taiwan (1970-2014)

Tables Prepared by Dragon Seekers

  New wishes for new year. Is your wish in the year of the dragon is to have a baby? Influenced by dragon culture, Taiwanese hope to give birth an excellent baby born in the year of the dragon! This influence results in an extremely high birth rate in the year of the dragon. According to the Number of births in Taiwan (1970-2014) calculated by the Department of Household Registration, Ministry of the Interior, Taiwan, we produced the above line chart, and find that the peak occurred in the years of the dragon (including 1976, 1988, 2000 and 2012). The number of babies born in 2012 reached 230,000, registering a ten-year high and hence confirming that baby boom occurs in each year of the dragon in Taiwan.

BBC CHINESE reported that the birth rate in the year of the dragon among the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals reached a record high in Taiwan in the past decade

Reproduced from online press release of the BBC CHINESE dated January 15, 2013

   The reason is that the "dragon" in China is often seen as the embodiment of the emperor as well as a symbol of power and wisdom. The Chinese numerology believes that the children born in the year of the dragon among the Twelve Chinese Zodiac Animals are more likely to achieve success and win recognition and gain high position and great wealth. This is one of the major causes why dragon is favored in the Chinese world. According to the empirical survey into Asian immigrants in the United States, the belief of the Chinese folk custom that those born in the year of the dragon are successful attributed to parents' higher expectations for children born in the year of the dragon and more efforts put in by parents.

2.Changes in the number of births in Mainland China

According to the data published by the World Population Network: the number of births in Mainland Chin (1996-2015)

Tables Prepared by Dragon Seekers/th>

   In light of the data presented in the above figure, Mainland China does not seem to have a preference for a specific Zodiac year. Instead, the Chinese government's population policy may be the most important factor affecting the birth rate. It is generally believed that the higher birth rate in 2014 results from the changes in China's population policy from one child to two children.

3.Far-reaching Impact of the Numerology Theory of Zodiac Animal Dragon on Taiwan

   In respect of birth rate, the numerology theory of the Zodiac animal dragon is superstition for Mainland China, and the dragon culture seems to produce no impact on Mainland China. Although Taiwan's dragon culture was spread from Mainland China, it instead exerts a more far-reaching impact on Taiwan than on Mainland China. The dragon culture across the Strait

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