dia_red_1.gif [About Boccia]


Sixty Seconds  Show Infinite Vitality

dia_purple.gif「Ten Seconds」to Think

dia_purple.gif「Ten Seconds」to Adjust Wheelchair

dia_purple.gif「Thirty Seconds」to Aim

      Then ………………………

dia_purple.gif「Ten Seconds」to「Throw a Ball」

      For normal people as simple as throwing a ball

      They need sixty seconds

      In Them We See Infinite Vitality…

[Boccia sports Introduction]

Boccia in Taiwan was introduced by Cerebral Palsy Association. It was originally designed to be played by people with severe disabilities (cerebral palsy, traumatic brain injury, stroke, non progressive brain injury or muscular dystrophy). It is a Paralympic sport.

Boccia is a sport played with very few motor skills but strategies and techniques. Cerebral Palsy Association has been trying to popularize boccia for 13 years. It gradually reaches to people with physical and intellectual disabilities, children and seniors.

Boccia can be played on a recreational and competitive basis. It is a leisure sport suitable for people with physical disabilities, senior citizens and children. The Cerebral Palsy Association of R.O.C. has been developing long-term community associations in schools, medical facilities, or educational institutes around the country, trying to invigorate public sports movement.

2015 National Boccia Championships held events as follows:

--> Cerebral palsy--Over 12 years old, caused by brain injury and diagnosed as cerebral palsy patient.

--> Physical disability--Over 12 years old, disability classification is mainly physical disability.。

--> Intellectual disability--Over 12 years old, disability classification is mainly intellectual disability.。

--> Children--Under 12 years old children with disability cards, every disability classification is eligible.

--> Seniors--Over 60 years old with ID card, no disability card needed.

[Boccia Basic Rules]

Boccia is played on a court measured 6 x 12.5 m with flat surface.

The game is divided into red and blue teams, played by individuals, pairs, or teams of three.

Which side uses which colored ball is determined by a coin toss.

Red team throws white target ball (jack) first, jack must cross V line for the throw to be valid.

Red team throws first red ball, blue team throws first blue ball, after which the side furthest away from the jack goes next.

All colored balls thrown ends one round.


-->Awarded on the distance of the balls closest to the jack, one point for each ball that is closer to the jack than opponent’s closest ball. (For instance:Red team won because every red ball closer to the jack than blue balls count as points.)

-->(Individual or pairs consist of four ends, team is six ends), the team/player with the highest number of points at the end of play is the winner.

[Boccia Point Graphic]

[Graphic example]---on the left

Blue balls are closer to white target ball

-->Blue team won

White ball as center, connect a line with the closest losing team color ball (this example, red ball). Use it as a radius to draw a circle, the color balls in the circle is the winning team score.

The graphic on the left shows winning team is blue, score is 3 points.