Our team created 17 questions to discuss that are related to our project topic, the revivers of history. These questions reflect the basic knowledge of the public over the field of monument restoration, and the results are shown below:

According to the results of our questionnaire, regardless of ages, occupations, or even educational backgrounds, most people have a certain degree of understanding on Taiwan’s ancient monuments. The results show how the Taiwanese general public has a special understanding on not only Taiwan’s historical sites but also on the restoration implementations regarding these artifacts such as “monument impairments”, “monument restorations”, and “building rehabilitation principles”. This gives us two heartening conclusions:


First, Many people in Taiwan are quite familiar with Taiwan’s ancient monuments, and are also acquainted with the Taiwanese ancient culture, artifacts, and ancient architectures. Even though most of the knowledge is not expertized, it still reveals how the general public of Taiwan has a basic understanding on our ancient culture. From this aspect, it reveals how successful it is for Taiwan governments to encourage the masses to be informed with the preservation of Taiwan’s ancient cultural heritage.


Second, Taiwan is a country where governments, from the central government to the local governments, are trying to protect their own cultural heritage. Not only restorations of monuments made by the governments are evidential to the preservation of historical sites, but also that more and more people are willing to appreciate and relish our unforgettable and remarkable ancient architectures. People started to promote and encourage the public to be familiar with Taiwan’s ancient culture, creating a core value in Taiwanese society.

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