The night markets play important roles in Taiwan. They record the history of Taiwan's markets in the past. Furthermore, night markets are a collection of street stalls, local food, as well as warm hospitality of Taiwanese. Additionally, I always indulge yourself in delicious snacks, such as stinky tofu, pearl milk tea, oyster omelette, etc.When the night falls, the night markets are the symbols of vitality. People will definitely be impressed by its vitality. Why not spare some time for an unforgettable night in the night market?


Doing the night market research made me benefit a lot, what makes me impressive is the erecting of site and the tasting of various delicacies. First of all, the “more beautiful the night’s erection”, in fact, has been much simpler than I had thought, I used to think that when we have to start from the beginning, but fortunately ,we just have to start from the original template modify, but facing a lot of symbols for a long time is really a headache ! The next one is the taste of variety food in night market, to tell the truth, this is really a kind of benefits, on that day we eat from the street to the end of the street, for all the recommended food on the Internet , and finally we choose five kinds for introduction. Whenever I think of the research, then the delicious really let me memorable, which really made me dribbling.


Guangzhou St. and Huaxi St. form a big place. Convenient transportation attracts a large number of tourists. And we check by ourselves that it is a perfect place to eat and to shopping. Lungshan Temple near it. If we can connect with the deep local culture, it must be the best feature in tourism.

Linjiang Street Night Market


Linjiang Street Night Market is a night market that is mixed with Taiwanese and Western cultures. We can see the humor of Western countries in the traditional Taiwanese vendors; also can understand the enthusiasm of the Chinese people at a small shop which foreigners open. The two complement each other, wiping out the sparks of differences, so that Linjiang Street, this second oldest night market in Taipei, shows a style of its own. If you crave for the baptism of a rich blend of cultures, Linjiang Street Night Market will be your best choice.


In Linjiang St. Night Market, traditionally famous as Tonghua St. Night Market, we found a lot of delicious food. So when we arrived the last stall we wanted to eat, we had lots of food on our hands. The shopkeeper was very nice. He made an exception for use to bring in food not served at his stall, in order to prevent us from getting colds when we ate outsides. He chatted with us and made us laugh. I have to say he is good at doing business.

Shihlin Night Market


Shilin night market is a very amazing place;it doesn't have its own feature but still gain a lot of admiration. Why can it be? I think there're two reasons. One of them is because Shilin night market is globalization. Many shop there allow menu in separate languages.Like English, Japanese and then on. On account of that, the foreign tourists can order meals easily and clearly. The second reason is the diversification shop. Although this design makes Shilin can't have its own feature, it still have two advantages. First, this design can make Shilin avoid horizontal competition. Second, what is really important to foreign tourists,they can easily taste almost all kinds of Taiwanese food in one place instead of on the move.


Every night market has its own unique culture, and we chose Shihlin Night Market. This night market covers a wide range. So compared with other night markets, it is better to shop there. In addition to all kinds of food, there are some pharmacies for foreign tourists and some stores I like very much because of their pretty ornaments. Outside the night market are mostly the game places, such as fishing, pinball, and so on. They always bring me back to the memories of my childhood every time I see them. I miss them so much! I usually went to Shihlin Night Market on holidays when little. Although most of the scenes are different from those they used to be, they still have the feeling I used to see. So I’m so happy to introduce this night market. It makes me feel like going back to the past!

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School
Class Lien 2017