A. Tourists

1. Gender and Age

  The tourists we visited about 60% are the female. Most of the tourists are students and the youth, above 90% in this sample survey.

2. Address and Transportation

  In this sample survey, visitors are all lived in greater Taipei, 66% of people living in Taipei City.Most of people take MRT to Shilin Night Market, and about 30% of them go to Shilin Night Market by foot.

3. Impression

  After the investigation, visitors give Shihlin night market 4.5 stars. We can consider that most people have a positive evaluation of Shihlin night market. But still some people say that there are too many people there that is too overcrowding.
  When it comes to the Shihlin night market, most people are all thought there are too many people. However, a lot of people say that is really fun for Shihlin night market, even more than talking about the crowd.Furthermore, both a lot foreigner and big space are also the common impression.

B. Store

  "Today has four special tastes. There are..." Shopkeeper's amusing performance caused a roar of laughter. Here is the original founding shop of fried ice cream in Shihlin night market. When we asked the shopkeeper about his background, he gently smiled and told us that he had been an electronic engineer. Because of his uncle who is the invention of fried ice cream didn't want to keep this business, he decided to change this career. There is also a benefit that his family has long been accustomed to his lifestyle- turns night into day. And he didn't encounter too many problems while he switched professions.Why he chose Shihlin night market? Actually, nothing! Because the rent everywhere is really expensive! So, everywhere is okay.However, there is an interesting thing that Shihlin night market is also two stalls are selling fried ice cream. This boss is also helpless, they are all his guests in the past, and then stole it to own the stall, sometimes even came to ask him the tips. "But mine is more delicious!"the boss respond proudly. But how to keep this delicacy in the cost-rising environment? "Of cause to raise the prices!" the boss said assuredly. He preserves to keep the good quality rather than having the low price. On account of it, he has a lot of avid advocates.

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School
Class Lien 2017