1.Gender and Age

We visit males more, and the main age group is 19~40 years old. Most of them are the worker who are having dinner after work.

2.Address and Transportation
People come here are about their address. Most of people live in the north of Taiwan, especially Wanhua and Banqiao.Thus, the
main transportation they use is public transportation, like MRT and bus. Few people come here by motorcycles. And the tourists
of Bangka Night Market are the resident of Taipei, less foreigner there are.


After the investigation, visitors give Bangka Night Market 4.5 stars. We can consider that most people have a
positive evaluation of Bangka Night Market.
The normal impress for visitors is delicious foods and lively surroundings.Some interviewees believe that Night Market is the
pretty special one in Taiwanese cultures. We should put it onto the world's stage, let more people know this perfect feature.
Besides, some people suggest that Bangka Night Market should set more trash can. It can make the
environment cleaner, and send the visitors a better view.


Bangka red bean cake
      This is the family business, has been the sixth generation, the boss said: "Only intentions, for all kinds of difficulties, such as
price increases, etc., flexible response, to continue to pass on."

Sugarcane juice shop
      Recently, due to a substantial reduction in land passenger, a serious impact on the income of the tourism industry, although
it will be more difficult, but still have to do it seriously.

Watch vendors
      The reason why the boss chose to set up a stall is because there are so many people and lots, and the boss said, "Although
the recent trend of the crowd has diminished, we must stick to it."

Boiled Grass Jelly
      The shop has been in the Bangka Night Market 40 years, through the "intentions made, real material" to maintain a stable
source, and this is the businessman should uphold the code.

Tofu pudding
      The shop has been in the Bangka Night Market for 60 years, because the store evaluation is excellent, so there are always a lot
of guests to pilgrimage, but for them, day and night upside down also compressed their children and get along with the time.
The boss thinks that "honesty" is his success.

Finally, thank you for all the people who helped fill out the questionnaire
and let us interview the store. thank you all!

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School
Class Lien 2017