(1)Gender and age

  People we interviewed are mostly female and their ages are between nineteen and forty. It shows people who go to this night market are mostly female office workers. Because not everyone help us fill the questionnaire, this result is for reference only. The situation will change because of weather, weekday or weekend, and other reasons.

    (2)Address and transportation

  People who go to this night market are most citizens in Taipei City, so the main transportation is taking the MRT or bus and then walk to the night market. Others mostly ride to night market. So the user group of this night market is Taipei citizens and there are not a lot of tourists.

    (3)3. Evaluation

  40 people give 3.7125 of 5 in average to the night market. When we asked them did the night market influenced their lives, all of them said no. It shows that they like the night market. Their impressions to the night market are lively, crowed, clean, many choices, cheap, delicious and interesting. In the end, we asked them to use a sentence to describe the night market. Many people said the night market is a delicious and interesting place, and it stands for Taiwan culture.


We interviewed five stores this time:

  Shi's Steamed sandwich It is managed by second generation. Its user group used to be middle-aged people. But it has a lot of young customers. It means that more and more people can accept traditional flavor. We asked him how messing up his schedule influenced him; he said he is used to live like this so it doesn’t matter to him.

  Liang's Braised dishes Its manager inherited this store from his father too. It has fifty years history. Its products are suitable for both young and old people. Its user group’s age has a large range and it also has a lot of regular customers. But he said messing up his schedule makes parent-child relationship worse.

  The Sponge Cake made by Japanese Champion It started in the south of Taiwan and it had many branches in many famous night markets in Taipei. The one in LInjiang St. Night Market is managed by third generation. Because they do this together, messing up their lives doesn’t influence them. Their cakes are crisp outsides and soft insides so they have many regular customers.

  Tilamisu Its owner is a humorous foreigner. Because he lives nearby, so he has the store here. It opened six years ago. Because he do the snacks authentically, 70%of his customers are regular customers.

  愛玉之夢遊仙草 Its owner open the store here because there are many people. He also said it is a kind of fate. The age of his customers is between 2 and 98. The way he become successful is intention and hard-working. In the end of the interview, he encouraged us study hard and enter a good university.

At last we want to thank everyone who helps us do the survey. Thank you!

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School
Class Lien 2017