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Shihlin Night Market

Northern Taiwan's largest night market, Shihlin Night Market is the favorite of many, foreign and local alike. It is the must-see night market.

Bangka Night Market

" Bangka " comprehends, " Bangka " sets a long visit.
"Night" pages details, "Market" will be timeless.
Bangka night market invites you to participate in this feast of the tastes!

Linjiang Street Night Market

Historic Linjiang Street Night Market has a lot of food to offer. There are many novelty stores waiting for you to explore. Come to Linjiang Street to enjoy the sense of freedom and to dig in here!

      We have chosen night markets as our topic, for night markets are one of the characteristics of Taiwan's culture, and we want to go deep into the study, compare the features between different night markets, and make some suggestions for people across the world to understand the night market culture, and even choose their favorite ones for a visit.

      We visited eighteen well-known night markets in the Taipei city, and selected three for in-depth study, including the Shihlin Night Market which is very famous in the international community, the Linjiang Street night market which has a long history, and the Bangka Night Market which is full of local fares and culture. We hope that through our introduction, visitors will further appreciatethe beauty of different night markets in Taiwan.

Taipei Municipal Zhongshan Girls High School
Class Lien 2017