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I am honored to lead my students to participate in the Network Fair.
Yang Cuo community to create the spirit of the theme for the competition.
At the beginning of the students interested in HUANG, YU-CHIH grandma donated land to broaden the road, and later to understand the experience of the elder meal service more in-depth.


I am honored to guide the students to "dig" the truth of the story, full of "research" spirit to complete this challenge.
Those students were doing a good job,they didn't complain even when they gave up their lunch break and their game time.
Their efforts moved me a great deal.We want to thank our two enthusiastic instructors.
We are amazed that our abilities improve significantly,through this competition.

Ms. Chang,ching-ju

I reviewed the work of my students for these months and I'm happy to look at the content of the study from unfamiliar to familiarity.
They accumulated the energy of learning and expanded the vision of study.
So I feel vicarious pride of them.