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The Origin of Yangcuo

Why is the "YangCuo Community"?This is the school students to do the theme of the school CyberFair we raised the first question.In the Lukang full of monuments, the temple of the old street area, we are attracted by the YangCuo Community
The YangCuo Community is located on the north side of the Yang Tsai River,ancestors from Quanzhou, Fujian Province, this reclamation, engaged in the sea (coastal fisheries), plowing sheep for a living。

According to Hong Minlin "Taiwan's old name of the aphorism" records, where the beginning of the development, due to excessive salt in the sea, weeds, shepherd houses into a village.And named Yang Zai Chuang Zhuang,” Yang Zai” Taiwanese means lamb, expressed gratitude. (Thanks to the Yangcuo community)