1. What was the ideal to establish By Wood team?

Because we do not allow a century historical monument be razed to the ground. We also hope to  practice what we preach to raise public awareness of the environment.


2. What are your business contacts in By Wood?What is the current priority that you want to fulfill?

I engage in arranging weddings. I want to let everyone know the importance of protecting and cherishing natural resources.


3. Where does your daily inspiration come from?

There is a bar where plants a lot of trees. If I need some inspiration, I will stay there.


4. What kind of changes you expect to bring to the environment?

We follow three points: “Life”, ”Ecology”, and “Production”. We want to create an activated living area as well as remind people that ”Beauty” is everywhere.


5. Does By Wood influence you in some way or bring special meaning to you?
By Wood and I went through many things. It has significant meaning, and it’s everything for me as well. No matter laughters and tears, I will stay here and defend our homestead.