Our legislation "Environmental Education Act" was passed in June 2010 which is few country to legislate the law of national environmental in the world. It became the most important and basic EFA(Education Of All people)to promote environmental protection. By Wood Art Village has been devoted to promoting Ciaotou Art Village "civilian aesthetic" and "Art Environmental Education" for a long time. They hope to assemble comrades who are engaged in "Environmental Education", "artistic creativity", "Friendly Environment ‧ organic farmers'’.


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Environmental Art Education Course Content and Planning
1. Environmental education partners in the area: environmental education seed development target audience, in addition to small and medium-sized teachers, joined the social welfare groups; In addition, the art village fixed art stationed, will be the best artistic concept and a hundred years of sugar Factory environment interaction, it is the source of inspiration for innovative lesson plans, promising Kaohsiung City primary and secondary schools have a wealth of environmental art experience resources.
2. Youth volunteer training: through the workshop training, led by the environmental education staff, the use of three days and two nights, through the organization and maintenance of environmental education operation base, to create a stockhouse landscape, to participate in environmental art creation, substantial physical labor and Art experience, the concept of environmental education, the core thinking, the establishment of environmental education volunteer mechanism, but also to young people into environmental education opportunities; participate in youth volunteer training object, can give priority to the environment of environmental education courses assistant teaching work opportunities , And then let the young people into the environmental education industry practical operation training mechanism.
3. To understand the needs of campus education: After the school to promote and visit the campus found that the school teachers pay more attention to outdoor learning and environmental arts and other diverse learning concepts, and agree with the white house art village teaching philosophy, but often due to funding issues and courses The plan will be developed at the beginning of the semester, so the future will develop a campus service project, the next stage to strengthen the partnership between the campus.
4. Through the curriculum experience to promote the nature of environmental education: through the questionnaire design and learning a single design, the actual assessment of student learning achievement feedback and curriculum advice, as the team and lecturers after the course to review the revised course, and confirmed through the course experience to understand the environmental education The connotation.

Environmental art education is our center,and reduction project’s litter is our goal.

By Wood lets the heart of the ecological environment link with art tightly.

What we want to talk about is a simple theory about tree.


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