Kaohsiung Ciaotou Sugar Refinery was the victim of the construction of the Kaohsiung MRT.Ciaotou Refinery was faced public rental by Taisugar(台糖). There were two teams renting Ciaotou Refinery successfully; one was World Rare Museum(世界珍奇館),which was optimistic about commercial opportunities, and the other is By Wood(白屋)(in Chinese, white house),which was concerned about cultural contructions would be damaged. Therefore, Chief Operating Officer, Chiang Yao-sain(蔣耀賢), has insisted to run and repair this artist-in-residency, By Wood, to leave a story about local history.

”Gai ByWood(蓋白屋)” was namely the construction of Taiwan's unique contemporary art "Chiao Pei Ching(交陪境)" model; pronounced in Taiwanese, Chiao Pei Ching means to make friends. By Wood hopes to express their idea by wood, passing on from generation to generation.


Some people say, “Building By Wood is like building a temple.” A temple, a church, or a shrine, is a place of spiritual civilization; it is also a space to exchange creative dialogue and value.

“By Wood is not only By Wood”; it means that By Wood is not only a pretty white house, a clear space or a simple, and empty environment, but also a wonderful and an authentic place. We ourselves have our own culture, but we have never recognized it, instead losing culture gradually.