3-4-3Project Narrative

1.Project URL:
2.Backup site:
3.Our School's Web Site: http://www.cajh.chc.edu.tw/
4.School: Chang An Junior High School
5.County: Changhua County
6.Teachers: Ching-wen Chen, Hsin-wei Lin, Yun-chen Chang, Chung-ting Liao
7.Number of students: 10
 Chi-fang Sung, Yi-chia Liu, Pei-ju Huang, Ying-chen Liu, Kai-hsiang Lin, Hsin-yueh Huang, Chen-lin Lin, Yu-shan Chen, Yi-hsien Hsiao, Chien-fu Lin
8.Ages of students: 14-15
9.E-mail: :hsinwei913@gmail.cajh.che.edu.tw
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(Mr. Jen-wen Wang, Mrs. Bi-e Dong, the principal and us)


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