3-4-9Project Elements

1.How does your project match the Cyberfair’s goals and objectives? Please explain.

Through Cyberfair project, we realized the issues related to ecological conservation and learned how Mr. Jen-wen Wang promote ecological conservation, how to return birds to nature and how to integrate the issue of animal protection to life ( “Shi Hu (Jiu Ho)” Do not Drive ) …….
With each teacher’s instruction, we combined information and media and shared the research findings to others by web page in order to draw their attention by the underlying significance of the work to protect these animals!

2.How did your activities and research for this International Schools CyberFair Project support standards, required coursework and curriculum standards?

* Nature and life technology: by understanding the characteristics of creatures and current situation of conservation, we reflected on the responsibility to care about the creatures.
* Arts and humanities subject: By practices, we learned more paper cut skills and art design techniques.
* Language: from the process of interview, we learned the capacity of expression and realized how to coordinate and select information to edit content of web page; afterthoughts and expression of personal thoughts and ideas.
* Comprehensive activities: In the interview, we cultivated the competence of communication; team work, learning to be unified; learning activity planning, self-reflection and competence to develop potential.
* Information and life technology subject: learning web page design and making and the competence to use online resources, image processing and web page editing.

3.What information tools & technologies did you use to complete your Cyberfair project?


Tools Function


Reorganize information required for web page

Recorder pen

Record the content of interview


Print poster and learning sheet of guide

Mobile phones, digital camera

Take pictures of the teacher’s work, interview and the members’ guiding

Transmission line

Save the photos taken in the computer


Make the card of appreciation and initial experience of paper cut



Microsoft Word

Reorganize the writing


Make the poster of guide

Windows Media Player

Listen to content of interview


Inquire the teachers


Cut the photos

Sound and image making

Edit the films

Windows photo viewer

Read the photos

Macromedia Dreamweaver 8

Web page making


4.In what ways did you act as "ambassadors" and spokespersons for your Cyberfair project both on-line and in person.

In the process of Cyberfair project, although we have encountered the frustration, we did not give up and we realized that we should not withdraw due to low grade in the exam, blame from the teacher and one stone which stumbles us. We must continue working and it will guide us to the success.
In the process of Cyberfair project, we not only absorbed the issue “ecological conservation”, but also discovered the force to change the world: from ourselves. We took actions and collected data. In the process of interview, we realized that the teacher contributed all his selfless love to the birds. Now we have limited ability and by the web page of project, we simply intend to introduce this “wild bird artist” who is promoting ecological conservation!

5.What has been the impact of your project on your community?

By this Cyberfair project, we knew more species of birds and recognized that it was not easy for the teacher to promote ecological conservation by paper relief. The teacher did not obtain extra pay by taking these actions. However, he spent plenty of time making the work related to birds to promote ecological conservation. He spared the time for our interview and even taught in our school by sacrificing his personal break time. We understood that ecological conservation can not only be presented by actual actions, but also be promoted by favorite work!

6.Intellectual Property Rights:

The website is based on the interview with Mr. Jen-wen Wang. In order to respect intellectual property rights, when citing online resources, we indicated the sources of reference below the information. By transcription of in-depth interview, we reorganized several stories and constantly revised it to avoid the errors. Besides, we acquired the story, photos, authorization of video and permission from Mr. Jen-wen Wang and properly protected his data and photos. For the concern of intellectual property rights, the illustrations were drawn by our group members.


7.Discoveries, Lessons and Surprises:

In fact, Cyberfair was not as easy as we imagined. It was not simply the arrangement of several pictures with descriptions. We should first understand the meaning of each work and be devoted. Besides, in the process of research, we had the intention to continue and sacrifice the time in class to interview the teacher. We even discussed with classmates after school. We learned the importance of time distribution. If we did not accomplish the work assigned, we might delay the following steps. We were moved by actual action of Mr. Jen-wen Wang. The teacher demonstrated the skill of paper cut which extremely surprised us. After the teacher scanned the images by his brain, he could even create the work and chat with us at the same time. It was impressive.

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