3-4-5Project Overview

1. Category: Local Leaders


2. Description of Our Community:

Mr. Jen-wen Wang who lives in Taichung City has been an art teacher. Since he could not bear the fact that habitats of birds were destroyed and the birds were endangered, he started promoting ecological conservation. Up to now, the successful cases of conservation have been numerous! In these years, Mr. Jen-wen Wang has never stopped the efforts on ecology; when he participated in the exhibitions around the world, he always explained the significance to the public. In addition, from the first Ying Yang Ba Gua to the present, the teacher always presented his works on site and his creation was transformed into large-scale installation art such as bronze ware or mosaic mural to increase more participants!

3.Summary of Our Project:

Everyone says ecological conservation is important; however, it lacks actual action. Mr. Jen-wen Wang intended to demonstrate that conservation of birds can be simple. He connected paper relief, paper cut and even free pour with conservation. When paper reliefs are exhibited in different places, in particular, the vivid works drew everyone’s attention. He has never been absent in annual Ying Yang Ba Gua in order to protect the wild birds. “I am moved by the explanation and it results in actions.” By the teachers’ works exhibited in school and his role as the guide, we profoundly realize his strong intention to promote conservation of birds. By this Cyberfair project, we aim to absorb the mental process to conserve the birds.

4. Our Computer and Internet Access:

* School: There are 3 computer laboratories in school (one is exclusive for teachers), including 63 computers provided for students. The school is installed with 100M optical fiber network. By Windows Local Area Network, we place the data on network server host of local campus for further discussion.
* Home: Every member has computer and network at home. We discuss by e-mail and Facebook and subsequently transmit the data discussed and afterthoughts to the members and teachers by e-mail for integration and revision.

5. Problems We Had To Overcome:



When we take pictures of work, it tends to reflect light; it is not easy to find the right time to take the pictures

The teacher suggests not taking the pictures in front of the work. When taking the pictures, if we cannot find the right time, we should be prepared with the pose in order to press the camera shutter immediately

Copyright of photos and pictures of works

The teacher provides the photos and the group members take the pictures of work or download the pictures of teachers’ work on Facebook and use the photos of Facebook upon the teacher’s permission

Questions in the interview

We inquire the teachers of nature in school regarding information of ecological conservation and practice the interview with the teachers in school. For instance, when we ask one question, how we extend it after the teachers’ responses

Without time in common

We use the lunch break and winter vacation. Normally, we share experience and learning content by Facebook and discuss them

The recorder pen does not record the interview; memory of video recorder is insufficient when filming

Recorder pen is replaced by the sound recording software in mobile phone; we use the camera for filming and that to take pictures by turns


6.Our Project Sound Bite:

In order to make paper cut, Mr. Jen-wen Wang did not concern about the time passed and he only intended to protect the endangered birds. We realized that the teacher contributed all his love to birds and was selfless. From the teacher, we not only learned the technique of paper cut, but also conveyed his significance of conservation to more people. In the process of project making, we have learned the importance of “team work”. It was nearly impossible to accomplish the project only by one person. We divided the work and discussed with each other. After continuous revision, we obtained an excellent project! Although it might not be always satisfying in the process, the relationship among the peers was reinforced. With the teacher’s instruction, parents’ assistance and classmates’ efforts, we were benefited significantly.


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