3-4-4First experience of paper art

When we heard that Mr. Jen-wen Wang would come to school before the Chinese New Year and hold a 4-day paper cut winter camp for the juniors of art class, we were extremely excited! At the time when we interviewed the teacher, we were impressed by the teacher’s explanation of the skills and paper cutting at the same time. We thus became extremely interested in paper cut and we cherished this winter camp of paper art.
In four days of paper cut course, the teacher taught us to make “penguin”, “Asio flammeus”, “bear loves you” and “carrying out from start to finish” by the skill of connecting cut. He also instructed us to produce vivid 3D sika deer and kangaroo by positive and negative folding. On the last day of the course, we were also impressed by 3D paper cut taught by Mrs. Bi-e Dong.
By winter camp in four days, we approached the art of paper cut and realized that paper cut was not as easy as we have imagined. We should be patient, careful and persistent in order to make attractive work. When we saw the creation finished, we obtained the sense of achievement and our efforts were not in vain! From the process of paper cut, we learned that we can be successful by constant practices and persistence in all kinds of things. We were glad to have the opportunity to enrich ourselves in terms of craftsmanship or mind and we have obtained a lot!




The image of connecting cut must be symmetrical and with at least three folds. The following is the manual distributed by the teacher in class

 4-1 4-2

(After folding the paper on top for three times and cutting it along the line, we can obtain the finished work on the bottom)

Positive and negative folds mean to fold the paper board in half, cut the outline and then fold the work


(The left is sika deer and the right is kangaroo)

3D paper cut is instructed by Mrs. Bi-e Dong and we made the simple version. It did not rely on too much calculation; however, the final work was impressive

(The left is national treasure of New Zealand: silver fern and the right is ladder)

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