3-4-3Learning course


Team of learning sheet: Yi-hsien Hsiao, Ying-chen Liu


At the beginning, we collected related information on line and subsequently, we visited 12 pieces of work of Mr. Jen-wen Wang in exhibition room and developed the draft of learning sheet. However, we still did not have clear idea. After we listened to the introduction of the team of guide and revised some questions, the teacher offered some suggestions. We then revised the questions again. The learning sheet was generally set after we attempted to fill in the response.
After the exhibition, we began reorganizing learning sheets of different classes. We were really touched when we saw many people carefully fill in the learning sheets! I think that after studying the work of Mr. Jen-wen Wang, the classmates who visited the exhibition would certainly recognize the importance of ecological conservation of birds. 
On the day when we visited Mr. Jen-wen Wang, we asked him questions by turns and the teacher responded to us carefully. Finally, we asked the teacher to make a connecting paper cut of Rilakkuma Bear. We are so lucky to join in Cyberfair Project Club!


Team of guide: Chien-fu Lin, Hsin-yueh Huang, Chen-lin Lin


Chien-fu Lin:
When we prepared the topic of Cyberfair, Mr. Jen-wen Wang exhibited his work in school. Thus, we treated Mr. Jen-wen Wang as the subject. I played the role as the leader in the group and joined in the team of guide. When preparing for the work of guide, we tried to practice in front of the teachers. After the constant practices, we finally began guiding the classes. We became more familiar with the work. Through guiding, we have learned the habits, ecology and body types of birds. With continuous training, I guided the unfamiliar classmates and junior students more courageously and I realized the importance of team work. If I had found the information and noted the key points alone, I would not have had such rich information as the guide. I am lucky to join in Cyberfair Project Club. I grew a lot and obtained the knowledge.

Hsin-yueh Huang:
At the beginning, when I heard that the teacher recruited the guides, I had no intention and was afraid that the teacher might call me. However, the teacher called my name after I lowered the head for less than three seconds. At the moment, I had the idea to refuse the job; however, since it was a precious opportunity, I finally accepted it.
We first practiced guiding in the exhibition room. I was nervous and did not dare to look into others’ eyes directly. However, after the constant practices and the teachers’ suggestions, we became more confident and familiar with the job.
Afterwards, we began guiding the classes. I saw them fill in the learning sheets seriously. Our efforts were not in vain. Although the guide has been finished, in the process, I have learned the team work, work division and cooperation. The inexpressive sense of achievement will last eternally. I am glad to have this special experience and I will never forget it!

Chen-lin Lin:
When I became the guide, at the beginning, I was totally not family with these 12 species of birds. I first searched for information on line, and after the explanation of Teacher Sung-nan Hou, I had the primary knowledge. As to my first practice, the teacher suggested that the voice was not clear and volume was too low. With several times of practice, I was more relaxed and the teacher said that I made progress. In the formal guide, the junior students laughed when I spoke too fast. However, after the practices, I was less nervous. Teacher Sung-nan Hou taught us many skills of guide, such as showing the depth of field by gradient colors in the background. It was extremely helpful. Through this work, I have learned a lot and became less nervous in front of people. I made progress in the competence of explanation. Because of the work, I absorbed the growth of birds, the underlying stories and the importance of conservation.


Team of photography: Yu-shan Chen, Pei-ju Huang


We took the pictures of work exhibited, process of guide and practices with the team of guide. After saving the pictures in the computer, we reviewed them and deleted the blurred ones. Subsequently, we saved and classified the photos of work of Mr. Jen-wen Wang.
When I played the role as the photographer, at first, I was determined to do my best and be responsible. During the process, we encountered many difficulties. For instance, it was not easy to press the shutter with the right time and right angle. The teacher taught us many techniques, such as how to pose and stabilize the foot stool, how to hold the camera stably and how to take the pictures of small objects clearly by focal length and magnify them. Upon continuous practices, we gradually obtained satisfying photos.
Since we kept following the team of guide and listened to their explanation repetitively, we became familiar with the significance of the work. Through the creation, we realized the teacher’s intention to promote conservation of birds by art.


Team of word processing:Chi-fang Sung, Yi-chia Liu


It was my first time to join in Cyberfair Project and I gradually became interested in Cyberfair. At the beginning, I was not familiar with making of poster. In the process, we have encountered many difficulties. However, after the instruction of the teacher, we realized the procedure to produce the poster and the key points. With several times of modification, we finally finished the design of poster. The printing was also critical and we have made some silly mistakes. After printing the first poster, we found the errors on the date. However, when we printed the second one, we paid attention to the lesson and would not make the same mistake.

Subsequently, we conducted the statistics of data of many people, input and classified them. The time to interview the teacher approached and we made a card of appreciation to the teacher by his paper cut art and the atmosphere of Christmas. After interviewing the teacher, we have learned 12 pieces of work exhibited on campus and started reorganizing each work with photo and related information. We selected three pieces and created the stories.


Team of montage:Kai-hsiang Lin


When I joined in Cyberfair Project Club, the teacher explained the content of the game of Cyberfair and taught us to participate in the competition by making a web page with title. I was assigned to the team of montage.
Originally, I did not know how to do the montage of key points. Afterwards, I watched some films of news report and learned the skill.
By the work, I recognized the concept of Mr. Jen-wen Wang regarding ecological conservation and learned many endangered birds. Thus, I should make efforts on ecological conservation to return the world to the perfect ecology.

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